Associated Student Body (ASB) is a group of students who represent YOU, the students at Yorba.  ASB members meet during lunch and/or after school.  They are in charge of putting together fun school events such as the Halloween Dance, Lunch-time activities, and Spirit week.  ASB students also sell goods at the ASB store in room 212, and approve purchase orders for buying supplies. 

You have an opportunity to apply for ASB twice a year.  If you are interested, listen to announcements for specific dates, grab an ASB application during lunch and turn it in to the front office by the specified deadline.  Go TOROS!!!


Photo of ASB President- Gregory Tellez Barajas

Gregory Tellez Barajas

ASB President

22-23 School Year

Photo of ASB Vice President- Aidan Macias

Aiden Macias

ASB Vice President

22-23 School Year

Photo of ASB Secretary- Andrew Hernandez

Andrew Hernandez

ASB Secretary

22-23 School Year

Photo of ASB Treasurer- Michael Salazar

Michael Salazar

ASB Treasurer

22-23 School Year

Photo of ASB Community Outreach- Chloe Barone

Chloe Barone

ASB Community Outreach Commissioner

22-23 School Year

Photo of ASB Activities- Eli Lundell

Eli Lundell

ASB Activities Commissioner

22-23 School Year

Photo of ASB Spirit- Merilen Andrade

Merilen Andrade

ASB Spirit Commissioner

22-23 School Year