Welcome to the Verizon Innovative Learning at Yorba Middle School. 

Year 3 (2023-2024)

     This four year grant program through Verizon and OUSD gives a 5G internet ready touch screen chromebook to every student at Yorba Middle School. Students will be using this device all year with their teachers in every classroom. Students will be using devices to better access information to research, collaborate, document, and explore as they learn content areas in their classes. 

We are excited that our school culture has become more digitally focused and that students are coming to school with their chromebooks charged ready to learn. 

Daily messages will be sent home to students that needed a loaner device for class. 


Students chromebooks need to come to school charged each day. OUSD filter systems are in place for all chromebooks and OUSD device procedures will be enforced. Digital Citizenship standards will be enforced at Yorba Middle School according to the OUSD website. The Yorba staff uses Go Guardian to monitor student engagement during the classes. 

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