M, Tues, Th, Fri    7:30 am - 3 pm
Wednesday    7:30 am - 1 pm
     Closed during the following times for Ms. Bonk's lunch
M, Tues    12:50-1:45
Th, Fri    11:25-12:20

Library is Open During Nutrition & Lunch

ID cards are required to check out library materials.

Two book limit per student.

Library Etiquette

o  Students using the library should work in a way that respects all other people that are using the facility.
o  In compliance with school policy, students are not allowed to use cell phones in the library. 
o  A pass from a teacher is required for students coming to the library during class time.


Click the link below to see if a book you would like to read is available in our school library. You will be directed to choose a school, so choose Yorba under Middle Schools. Then click on the Catalog tab at the top of the page.


Check to See What Items You Have Checked out from the Library

1) After clicking on the link above & choosing Yorba, click Log in in upper right corner.

Login Info:

User name: 6 digit ID

Password: Birthday in number form:

·         2 digits for the month

·         2 digits for the day

·         4 digits for the year

If the month &/or day of your bday is a SINGLE digit, enter 0 before the number. Example: If your bday is February 9, 2008, type: 02092008  

2) After you’ve logged in, click My Info in the upper left corner:

3) You’ll be taken to a page that shows you any items you have checked out as well as fines owed.                            


Overdue, Lost, Damaged Material

All books issued to students are the responsibility of the student. It is each student’s responsibility to prevent loss or damage to any materials. Students will be held responsible for payment to cover lost or damaged books. A fine is charged for writing in books.

Students must turn in all textbooks at the end of the school year. 

Students Withdrawing from Yorba

Students who withdraw from Yorba must turn in all books to the library before leaving Yorba.