Photo of Teacher- Maria Isiordia

Maria Isiordia

Spanish, Dual Immersion


Teaching a world language and teaching in general is a privilege. As a World Language teacher I have the opportunity to offer my students a skill that will open their minds to different cultures and ways of thinking. In a fast paced global environment, the ability to connect and understand on a personal level through language is vital to all fields of business, technology, science or art. The ability to communicate one’s ideas effectively is essential to success. 


Spanish I (Foreign Language) is a class designed to present students with basic understanding of the Spanish language was well as the varied Hispanic cultures. The course includes an introduction of vocabulary and grammatical concepts as well as cultures of the Spanish Speaking nations of the world. Students are encouraged to participate in both class and extra-curricular activities such as film and celebrations of Hispanic holidays.


Spanish I (Native Speakers) emphasizes on the student's ability to speak, read, and write Spanish. The course also includes a study of the cultures of the Spanish speaking nations of the worlds. Class participation, homework, quizzes, and oral presentations determine students' grades. Students are expected to participate orally in class every day.