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President: Cindy Krise

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Parent Volunteer

At West Orange, creating a caring and cooperative community to support student learning is at the center of what we do every day. In order for us to provide additional enrichment opportunities for our students, we need volunteers to help us make the events a success. Families are expected to volunteer 10 hours per family.  Each teacher uses parent volunteers in different ways; however, the common thread in all classes is the desire to have all volunteers focus on supporting student learning.  We gladly welcome parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and nannies who love your child and are willing to commit to completing the volunteer hours. We ask that these individuals are listed in the emergency contact.  Click here to submit your volunteer opportunity request form.


List of Volunteer Opportunities for 2022-2023

  1. In Classroom Support

    1. Parent Lead: Become a lead parent that communicates events and classroom needs to the rest of the parents within the classroom

    2. Classroom small group support (centers or activities) 

    3. Supporting art instruction (crafts, Meet the Masters)

    4. Documenting/displaying the learning process and student work

    5. Preparing materials

    6. Prepare a bulletin board

  2. School-Wide Support

    1. Registration Week

    2. School Pantry

    3. Monitoring the playground during recess and lunch

    4. Fundraiser support

    5. STEAM/Library Night

    6. Spring Festival

    7. Fall/Winter Festival

    8. Sweetheart Dance

    9. Themed school-wide events

    10. Attaining sponsorships and donations for our school.

    11. Chaperone for field trips

    12. Winter Concert Support/Decorations

    13. VAPA performances

    14. School garden

    15. After School Sports ( we are looking for soccer and basketball volunteer coaches)

    16. ELAC Members

    17. SSC Member

    18. Robotics Monthly Challenge (during school)

    19. Bookfair Support

    20. Library Helper

    21. STEAM Lab Organizer

    22. Read Across America Support Member

    23. Earth Week Support Member

    24. Special Projects Teams 

    25. Warrior Store Set-Up Team

    26. Spirit  Week Poster Committee

    27. School Mural Team