School Profile

Principal: Monica Murray

Enrollment: 400

Grades: TK-5

School Mission

Our Vision 

Students at West Orange will strive to achieve their highest potential within a caring, challenging academic environment that provides them the opportunity for growth through self-advancement to become productive citizens. 

Our Mission 

Our Commitments and Beliefs 

  • We will provide a just, fair, safe, and caring environment meeting the holistic needs of the child where students will be challenged with curriculum and relationships that fosters kindness, confidence, and a sense of belonging. 
  • We will promote goal setting to reach individual potentials, not just grade level benchmarks.   
  • We will foster a class community in which we are all partners encouraging others to succeed and be kind citizens.  
  • We will provide positive and constructive feedback to ensure students work towards meeting our academic and behavior expectations. 
  • Each student regardless of their academic level will make progress on their individual goals as measured by district and teacher approved assessments. 
  • All students will learn AVID strategies to support self-advancement. 

Student Commitments 

  • I will do my best to learn and persevere by following directions no matter where the learning takes place.  
  • I will be an effective communicator who will use verbal, written, artistic and technological forms of communication to give, send, and receive information.  
  • I will work collaboratively and independently to create quality work that reflect personal pride and responsibility.  

Parent Commitments: 

Teaching and learning is an on-going cooperative effort among students, school, family, and community that can be rewarding and successful for all involved. Parents and guardians will actively participate with WO to ensure students stay on track in meeting their goals.