Student Recognition


Students are recognized each day for showing courtesy,demonstrating academic achievement, and showing responsibility. In addition to daily recognition, students are recognized in multiple other ways.

Monthly Flag Salute Assembly

  • Student of the Month Award -  each class selects 2 students to be recognized for exemplifying positive work and character traits.

  • Bobcat Award - each class selects 2 students who are are achieving their personal best in a specific subject. 

  • Class Attendance Awards - the class at each grade level with the highest percentage of students attending school the past month is honored with a trophy and a dance party in the quad with the principal. 


Trimester Academic Awards Assembly

  • Attendance Awards:

    • students with 3 or fewer excused absences and

    • no more than 1 tardy during the trimester  

    • recognized with a “Good Attendance Award”

  • Academic Honor Roll (grades 4-6) based on academic GPA targets and satisfactory effort and behavior:

    • Gold Honor Roll  3.6-4.0

    • Silver Honor Roll 3.2-3.4

    • Academic GPA uses 5 grades; English Language Arts, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science.

    • GPA is calculated without regard to plus or minus grades.

    • Students who receive an N or U in any effort grades are not eligible for honor roll.