Principal's Message

Photo of Principal Laura Urquhart


Dear Sycamore Families, 

 It is an honor to introduce myself to you as the new Principal of Sycamore Elementary School. I come to you excited to honor and continue the legacy of an amazing school. Sycamore has been recognized for its outstanding programs and academics by being named a California Blue Ribbon School and a Title I Academic Achievement Award School and my goal is to furnish what is needed to continue Sycamore’s traditions and academic achievements. 

As a community, we are all integral members working towards the goal of raising our students to be prepared for anything that comes their way. I am here to support our families and staff as we develop students with good character, who are social-emotionally strong, and healthy life-long learners. I have come to learn that the teachers and staff at Sycamore Elementary are a dynamic group who engage students with challenging curriculum and instruction while providing compassion and love. I am excited to join the school culture at Sycamore.  

I lead with different sets of eyes. As a parent, I know the journey of trying to raise a resilient, healthy, and emotionally strong child. As an educator, I understand the work that goes into preparing daily instruction and building relationships with students to provide an effective learning environment that achieves academic excellence. As a leader, I know that I must model what we expect to see daily, as we work toward our school’s goals, mission and vision. 

I am eager to get to know all our students and families and see the daily excitement in their eyes as they learn from our amazing teachers. I look forward to being part of Sycamore’s students’ growth as they find the best in themselves and discover their interests. I look forward to learning as much from our students and staff as I hope to teach when leading. 
We are going to have an amazing 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school year at Sycamore Elementary school, where we will continue to build our family, create a “can-do” attitude in and out of the classrooms, and be partners at home and at school.