Welcome to Sycamore Elementary School!

Sycamore Elementary is an inclusive neighborhood school & is home to approximately 470 students in Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade.  At Sycamore, our diverse population is embraced, different cultural backgrounds are appreciated, and character development is encouraged. The Sycamore staff and families are committed to creating a community of learners prepared with the skills they need to be successful in the 21st Century.  High quality classroom instruction, students who are engaged and motivated to learn, a warm and caring learning environment, and strong parent partnerships make Sycamore a wonderful place to learn and work. It is our goal that all students will leave Sycamore with the ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and use creativity to build knowledge and innovatively apply it to improve the world in which they live. Sycamore Elementary is a collaborative learning community where school staff continually reflect on instructional practices to improve student achievement. The following beliefs drive the actions of Sycamore staff:

• We are committed to continuous improvement through a safe and supportive learning environment.

• We promote continuous achievement for all students through collaboration focused on academic standards and based on assessment measures.

• Students receive and use feedback to improve their learning.

• All stakeholders (staff, family and community) are an integral part of the vision and mission of Sycamore Elementary. 

The school exited from Program Improvement in 2012, received the Title 1 Academic Achievement Award in 2014 and was a Blue Ribbon Award Nominee in 2014. Sycamore also received both the California Gold Ribbon and Title 1 Academic Achievement Awards in 2016. At Sycamore Elementary, we are committed to continued student success and enthusiastic about inspiring excellence within each of our scholars.