Optimizing PDFs / Fixing PDFs that Download Slowly
Hana Brake

1. Open a slow PDF in Acrobat, select the File menu and choose "Save As." Click "Optimized PDF" to display the PDF Optimizer dialog box.

2. Click the "Audit" button to display the Audit Space dialog box. This screen displays a list of PDF components and the percentage of space they consume in your slow PDF. Jot down or memorize the component with the largest percentage and then click "OK."

3. Click the name of the relevant component from PDF Optimizer's list of components. For example, if you noted "Fonts" as the largest space consumer, click "Fonts" from the list of components. Acrobat displays controls for optimizing the component.

4. Click the "Minimum" option from each Quality control, if you've clicked the Images component. This minimizes resolution for all of the slow PDF's images.

5. Check all check boxes in the Discard Objects, Discard User Data and Clean Up components to remove objects from the slow PDF. Click "OK" and then save the optimized PDF in the Save dialog box that appears.