My child was absent from school.  How do I report/clear the absence?

Please call (714) 997-6275, Press "1" to report your student's absence.  Your student(s) can also bring a signed note when he/she/they return to school.  If they were at a medical appointment, please bring a note from the medical office.  Absences must be cleared or it will be considered a truancy.


My child was late to school because of an appointment.  What do I need to do?

If your student is coming to school late because of a doctor's or dental appointment, please have your student bring a note from the medical office to excuse the tardy.


On Parent Portal, how do I know my student was in class?
If you see an (A), that means your student was absent from class.
If you see an (T), that means your student had an unexcused tardy to class.


My child is absent from school. How do I get his/her homework assignments?

Please connect with your child's teacher.


I would like to register my student at your school.  Where do I pick up a registration packet?

Our enrollment process is now online!  Please CLICK HERE to go to our Registration Page for more information.