We, the teachers and administration of Serrano Elementary School join with the OUSD Board of Education in acknowledging the role homework plays in a student’s education.  Its primary purpose is that through completing homework, students can reinforce academic skills taught in school and learn how to conduct research effectively, develop ideas creatively and become life-long learners. Regular homework activities should promote the development of skills and provide students with the opportunity to grow academically.  Students, teachers and parents each have essential roles with respect to homework.  Teachers should design assignments so that homework plays the crucial role mentioned above.  The responsibility of the student is to complete all homework, develop regular study and work habits, and do most assignments independently or in cooperation with others when directed by the teacher.  Parents may be involved to provide assistance and structure without diminishing the student’s sense of responsibility.  Parents are also a valuable resource for their child’s learning through monitoring homework completion.


Research has shown that students who do homework are more successful than students who do not do homework.  Together, as a team, we can work together to ensure that your child succeeds to the best of his or her ability at Serrano


At Serrano, we are instilling RESPONSIBILITY in all of our students, Kindergarten through Sixth Grades. Once a student leaves Serrano campus, they may not return to the classroom to retrieve forgotten books or homework.  Have a plan, call a friend, look on line for your textbook. Look at the Library section of our website. Parents, we appreciate your cooperation.