Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot Procedures
The safety of Serrano students is our number one priority. In order to provide an orderly process for drop off and pick up of all students, the following procedures must be observed by all parents – including kindergarten parents:

1. Respect the red curb marking “NO Parking” areas. Do not leave cars unattended in these areas even “for a minute”, as you may be ticketed by the                  Orange  County Sheriff.
2. Do not stop at the driveway entrance (you are blocking all of the cars waiting to come in behind you!) Pull forward into the parking lot as far as you can go to load      or unload students.
3. Proceed through the drop-off lanes to the far west end (toward the library) of the parking lot to drop off or pick up all students (yes, even Kindergarteners).
4. Be sure to pull BEYOND the crosswalk to unload. All students exit the vehicle beyond the crosswalk.
5. For overflow parking such as Back to School Night, class party days, etc., we will have “over flow” parking on the"The Big Apple”. Look for signs to direct                   parking.   Carpooling always works best!
6. We are always in need of parent volunteers to help support safety in the parking lot. If you are available to volunteer one day a week, please let the office know.
7. Have your child exit the vehicle promptly – from the passenger side only, at the curb.
8. NEVER back up while in the drop-off lanes – students and volunteers are present.

It gets very congested before and after school in our parking lot, and on Serrano Ave. It is important to allow extra time from your daily schedule to be safe, courteous and cautious. Please be a model for the children, and use the crosswalks. Staff members and parent volunteers will be wearing safety vests while on duty. Please follow their directions. These safety procedures apply to all Serrano students, kindergarten through sixth grade!