Health Procedures

No type of medication (including vitamins, aspirin, Tylenol, cold pills or lozenges, cough drops, etc.) may be brought to school by children and kept in the classroom, backpacks or in lunch boxes.

When medication must be administered to a child (prescription or non-prescription) parents may bring it to school and administer it themselves or school personnel may administer it ONLY when the parent and doctor have completed the appropriate medication release form. These release forms must be updated each school year. Forms are available in the school office.

All prescription medication must be left in the original prescription container stating the correct prescribed dosage with the name of the student on the container. It is possible for the pharmacy to “split” a prescription so that 2 containers are labeled (one for home and one for school). You may want to keep a form on hand in case a prescription is necessary following a doctor appointment.

CLICK HERE for Parent/Physician Request for Medication Form

Medication authorizations must be renewed annually.


Health and Emergency Procedures


If your child is seriously injured at school, we will call you immediately.  If you cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency number listed on your child’s Emergency Card.  In case of an accident requiring medical attention, we will call paramedics and will make every attempt to contact parents/guardians. For this reason it is imperative that you inform the office immediately if there is a change in address or telephone numbers.

It is vital that you complete the online emergency cards through Parent Portal . It is essential that we know whom to contact in the event of illness or accident and to whom your child may be released if we cannot contact you. If there are custodial issues with a former spouse, please be sure your student knows with whom they may leave campus. Also, please be sure the proper paper work is in place in the office (ex. court papers, custody papers) – so office personnel know to whom your child may be released. Be sure that if there are custodial restrictions, current court papers are in place and that office personnel and the teacher are aware of the limitations. Please make sure we have at least two working emergency phone numbers at all times.

If your child has special health needs or requirements (ex. allergies, regular medication, wears glasses, diabetic, etc.), please notify the office immediately. 



Please inform the office of any special health concerns. Serrano has a health clerk who is trained in first aid procedures, but is not qualified to diagnose or treat health problems. For this reason, sick children must be picked up at school and parents must determine the correct course of action. A child who is vomiting or has a fever above 99 degrees will be sent home and may not return to school for 24 hours after the vomiting has stopped or body temperature has returned to normal.