Guide Lines for Student Fees

Guidelines for Student Fees

The Orange Unified School District has published “Guidelines for Student Fees” that we follow when planning field trips and Outdoor Science School programs. Public schools are prohibited from charging mandatory fees for educational activities, and are required to provide all materials, supplies, and equipment to students free of charge. Donations may be collected however, for the following:


·         May collect fees for field trips, excursions and insurance in connection with courses of instruction or school related social, educational, cultural, athletic, or school band activities, as long as no student is prevented from making the field trip or excursion because of lack of sufficient funds (Education Code 35330(b); 35331.)


·         May collect fees for Outdoor Science School provided no student is denied the opportunity to participate and there is an alternative activity for students who stay home. This applies only to those programs that comply with Education Code 8760 et seq. (Education Code 35335.)


·         May charge for replacement cost of district books or equipment lost by student or willfully cut, defaced or injured; this assumes the item is returned without damage beyond normal.