Classroom Information

Classroom Interruptions


Classroom interruptions have a negative impact on learning, therefore we ask for your cooperation with the following:

Classroom instructional time will not be interrupted with messages;

all messages will be written and placed in the teacher’s mailbox.

Forgotten lunches, homework, projects, books, jackets, musical instruments, etc., which are brought to school after the start of instruction must be brought to the office. Office staff will not interrupt instruction to notify students of the items dropped off for them. 

It is the student's responsibility to retrieve their forgotten items.


Class Assignments
The decision as to which class your child was assigned rests with the school staff and the principal. At this time, changes in student assignments will be made only according to the following criteria:
• There is documented evidence by you and the teacher that a problem exists with the assigned teacher and student or sibling of the student.
• Teacher initiated change for academic reasons.

Requests for changes in student assignment must be made in writing with specific details that meet the above criteria. Please understand that due to the necessity of having classes ready to begin in August, individual appointments to discuss class placement cannot be scheduled at this time.
Requests for classroom change will not be considered until the third week of school.


Report Cards and Parent Conferences
Serrano School is on the trimester system. Please see the School Calendar on the Serrano Website for trimester schedule and parent conferences week. Report cards are sent home at the end of each trimester.

Teachers may choose to send academic progress reports home to inform you of your child’s performance at any time during the school year.