Cell Phones and Technology

School phones are reserved for emergency requests. We receive a number of requests from students to use the phones, often to confirm arrangements for going home.  Please be sure your child understands the arrangements for the day before leaving school.

Serrano Elementary recognizes that many parents feel more comfortable when their children have a way of communicating with them before and after school. To maintain an academic environment and to ensure your child’s safety, students with cell phones and other electronic communication devices (i.e., Apple watches, iPads, etc.) are required to turn them off and leave them in their backpacks during the school day. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices. Students who do not adhere to this rule will be subject to the following consequences:

1st Offense: The phone/device will be given to the principal. The student may pick up the phone/device at the end of the school day and will be reminded of Serrano's policy as well as future consequences.

2nd Offense: The phone/device will be given to the principal. A parent or guardian will need to come to the school to retrieve the phone/device from the office.

Final Offense: The phone/device will be given to the principal. The phone/device will be returned to a parent or guardian during a parent conference. The student will not be permitted to have a cell phone/device at school.

*Students caught using a cell phone/device in any way (texting, taking pictures, using apps, etc.) will automatically receive the “2nd Offense” consequence.   

All classrooms and the office have telephones, the student needs permission from the teacher to make a call.