OUSD Adult Education

Earn Your High School Diploma Online!


Orange Unified School District in collaboration with Rancho Santiago Community College District offers a comprehensive Adult High School Diploma program for adults who wish to continue their formal education. This Adult High School Diploma Program is approved by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s office. Both Orange Unified School District and Santiago Canyon College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. 

Diplomas are issued by OUSD to students who complete the required course of study and demonstrate proficiency in basic skills. Courses are offered in open entry/open exit self-paced individualized learning programs.


All classes are 100% Tuition-free to anyone over 18 living in California!


How do I get a High School Diploma?

You need to complete 160 credits to earn a high school diploma. You get credits by completing specific courses in subjects like Math, English, Science, and History. 


What are the course requirements?

You must complete 160 credits which equals 32 courses.​ 

​High School Credit Requirements

English: 40 Credits


Mathematics: 20 Credits


Natural Sciences (Must include both a biological and physical science course): 20 Credits


Social and Behavioral Sciences. (Must include U.S. History, American Government, Economics, World History and World Geography): 30 Credits


Fine Arts/Foreign Language: 10 Credits


Physical Education: 20 Credits


Electives: 15 Credits


Health: 5 Credits




How long does it take to earn my diploma?

It depends on the amount of credits you have when you start the program and how quickly you decide to complete coursework. The average student completes 1 course per month when attending 15 hours a week.


For more information please contact Midge Knox, College & Career Guidance Technician