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Students have access to information on more than 400 of the most popular careers, career oriented magazines and pamphlets, the Encyclopedia of Careers, the Occupational Outlook Handbook and several other resource books.  Students can also take interest inventories such as the RIASEC and the College Major Finder.


Students can receive their Work Permit from the Career Guidance Technician, Mrs. Knox and learn about labor law information, and can get help creating a resume.  Students need to allow at least 24 hours for work permits to be processed.  


For those students interested in the a military commitment, recruiters form the Orange County area provide materials from all branches of the military.  Furthermore, the ASVAB is administered yearly and is sponsored by the US Army. The Career Center provides help regarding the process of getting a congressional appointment to one of the Military Service Academies i.e., West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, Merchant Marine, and Coast Guard). 

U.S. Army Recruiter 

Alex Aguirre, Staff Sergeant 

Phone: 714.309.0738



Navy Recruiter

Ricky Caizapanta, EM2 (SW)

Cell: 714.319.3655

Office: 714.533.1855




CTE courses are organized to emphasize interconnections enabling students to apply their learning to real world applications and to encourage career and college readiness.  The goal for the career pathways is to align secondary academic course sequences with post high school careers.  Students gain exposure and acquire those transferrable skills necessary for post-secondary education and careers.  Graduating seniors who successfully complete a pathway will be eligible to earn a colored tassel distinguishing their pathway to wear at graduation. 

Career Lessons on 

Xello is a college and career exploration tool that helps students discover postsecondary options based on their personality, skills, and knowledge. 

Login through the OUSD dashboard to access your assignments to start exploring about how your unique personality impacts your present and future academic and career path!

RHS Career Guidance Technician:

Midge Knox

(714) 997-6167

8:00 AM to 3:00 PM