Mission and Vision

Preparing Students for Success

Our Mission is for the staff, students and parents to work in collaboration for the purpose of helping students graduate from Richland or return to their traditional high schools to graduate with enhanced credits.


Richland is dedicated to providing a disciplined and nurturing environment to teach students to be Personally and Socially Responsible, a Skilled Communicator, and Academically Prepared for the 21st Century.

Richland High School's Schoolwide Learner Outcomes Dedicated to student success

Every student is expected to be Personally Responsible, as demonstrated by:

  • Limited tardiness
  • Limited truancy
  • Being prepared for learning daily
  • Giving great effort

Every student is expected to be Academically Prepared, as demonstrated by:

  • Enhancing credits to return to their home school
  • Meeting graduation requirements
  • Problem solving/critical thinking ability
  • Being on task and actively engaged in learning

Every student is expected to be Socially Responsible, as demonstrated by:

  • The use of appropriate language
  • Involvement in community outreach
  • Keeping the school free from litter and vandalism

Every student is expected to be a Skilled Communicator, as demonstrated by:

  • Effective oral communication
  • Active listening
  • The ability to collaborate with others