Attendance Office


(714) 997-6167 - LEAVE A MESSAGE 24 HOURS A DAY!



Reporting Absences:

Option A

Parents call the Attendance Office @ 714.997.6167 on the day of the absence. Please leave a clear message indicating the name of the student, grade level, day of absence and reason for absence. It is important that the name of the person leaving the message provides their first and last name and relationship to the student.

Option B

Parents who are unable to call on the day of the absence may send a note when the student returns to school.

Unexcused Absences/ Truancy

Any student who fails to clear an absence by either a parent phone call or absence note upon return to school will receive an unexcused absence. 


Tardies are counted every period.

Students with multiple tardies may result in a consequence.

Please make every effort to schedule medical/dental appointments
before or after school hours.