Parent Organization

Parent Volunteers:

We are very proud of our instructional program at Prospect and encourage parents to visit our classrooms.

  • Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher at least one day before your visit.  Please check in at the office.
  • We respectfully request that preschoolers be kept home.
  • We respectfully request that cell phones be turned off.
  • Please avoid any unnecessary distractions to the class.  If you would like a parent conference, please ask the teacher for a time when you may speak privately with him or her about your child.


Each teacher will communicate his or her needs for classroom volunteers. Any volunteer here for more than 5 hours/week is required to fill out a form as required by OUSD.

For safety and security reasons, no student or parent will be allowed into the classrooms once a teacher has locked his or her door for the day unless accompanied by a staff member.


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