Uniform Information

Prospect has a Dress Code Policy which is in alignment with the district’s policy.   Students are prohibited from wearing any clothing which is disruptive to the instructional process and/or considered unsafe, dangerous, divisive or a health hazard.  Also prohibited are clothes which contain offensive or obscene symbols (depicting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, vulgar language, violence, vandalism, or sexual activity), signs, slogans, or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious, or ethnic values.  Clothing, accessories, or any manner of grooming which is considered to be gang related is not allowed.  Parents may request a Uniform Waiver during the first two weeks of enrolling at Prospect School.  They will need to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss the hardship in wearing a school uniform daily to school and to fill out the Uniform Waiver. *Any violation of uniform/dress code policy will result in a referral to the office and the parent will be contacted to bring a change of clothes.

Hair color may not be a distraction to the learning environment.