Health Office

If your child becomes injured or ill at school, he/she should tell the classroom teacher or teacher on duty immediately.  Your child will be sent to the health office, and you may be contacted to pick your child up from school.  Please do so as soon as possible.

Students are not allowed to have any medication on campus.  Medication should be taken at home with parent supervision whenever possible.  However, a parent can come to school to dispense medication for their child.  A Parent and Doctor Request Form must be completed by parent and doctor for any prescription-non prescription medications to be dispensed by school personnel.  All medications must be in the original box with the pharmacy label attached.  This form will be kept on file along with the medication that is stored in a locked cabinet.

A school nurse or health clerk is available at school.  The school district offers the following services through the school:

* Vision and hearing screening

* Immunization requirement coordination

* Health record maintenance

* Special health referral processing: health care, vision, dental, or/or community resources

* Emergency care at school

* Supervision of the control of communicable diseases

* Health information interpretation



Please refer to the Student Health Decision Tree regarding illness