Attendance Information

Moving out of the Attendance Area?

Report an Absence 714-997-6271

Student Arrival and Dismissal Times:

·         Students should arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before the school starting time, unless eating breakfast – then they may arrive at 7:45.

·         Upon dismissal, students are to go directly home. Children are to wait for their parents in the waiting area on the sidewalk in front of the fence near the lunch tables.  

·         Students should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after dismissal time. Parents will be notified to make other arrangements for the best interest of the child.

Absences and Verification:

It is important that your child be in school every day.  However, if your child is showing signs of fever, vomiting, rashes, pink eye, etc., it is better to keep your child home.  If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor.

·         Prospect’s staff is required to verify each absence every day.  If your child is ill, late or not attending school for any reason please call the office at (714) 997-6271.

·     It is often best to plan appointments in the afternoons.  This way your child will not be missing out on the important morning learning times, and our school will receive attendance credit for his or her presence in school. Always get a note from the dentist or doctor so that the absence can be excused.

·     If you plan to have your child out of school for 3 days or more, please inform the teacher or attendance clerk so we will be able to establish a work contract. If your child will be out more than 5 days due to illness, we will require a doctor’s note upon return.

Late Arrivals to School:

Students are to check into the office upon late arrival to receive their late slip before reporting to class. 

Tardy Policy:

When children are late, it disrupts the classroom and prevents the child from hearing important information about the school day, causing the child to miss instruction.  Additional teacher time is needed to explain what has been missed.

It is the parent and the student’s responsibility for the student to be at school at the proper time.  Should the child have excessive tardies, the parent will meet with administration to discuss tardies. They will be referred to a SARB hearing to discuss the matter with members of Student Community Services department of Orange Unified.