School Profile:

Enrollment:  400 

Grades: TK - 6

School Colors: Blue and White

  • Prospect Elementary students are entitled to a free public education. 
  • All educational activities, extra-curricular as well as curricula, must be without cost to the students who participate in such activities.
  • Prospect Elementary is a Title 1 School.  


  • Los estudiantes de Prospect Elementary tienen derecho a una educación pública gratuita.
  • Todas las actividades educativas, tanto extracurriculares como curriculares, deben ser gratuitas para los estudiantes que participan en dichas actividades.
  • Prospect Elementary es una escuela de Título 1. 



Prospect Vision Statement :

Prospect Elementary prepares students to be competitive and successful in the 21st Century by empowering students to use effective communication skills, collaborate respectfully, think critcally, act creatively and demonstrate courage, passion, and depth of character when solving real world problems and challenges.


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