Home Hospital



The purpose of the Home/Hospital Program is to support students in maintaining a continuity of instruction during a prolonged absence absence from the regular program.


Do I Qualify?

The student’s illness or injury must be diagnosed and verified in writing by a licensed physician (MD). Projected absence must be 3 weeks or more.


What is a temporary disability?

A temporary disability is defined as a physical, mental or emotional disability incurred while a student is enrolled in regular day classes or an alternative education program and after which the student can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or the alternative education program without special intervention.


Instructional Time

Home/Hospital Instruction, one(1) hour is equal to one (1) student attendance day. Each student is allowed to a maximum of five (5) hours of instruction per week (one (1) hour per each student attendance day). These hours constitute instructional time only.



Considerations in developing a student’s home instruction plan:

  • Physician's orders

  • Health and well-being of the student

  • Ability to replicate a course in the home environment (e.g., AP, IB, Honors, Lab sciences). Some science and some language courses cannot be replicated. These course are designed as college preparatory classes that receive University Of California approval and possible advanced credit. These courses not only have rigorous requirements but many include an external exam as well. Many courses in science and elective area offer activities that may not only be completed using the equipment and/or facilities available on campus/ These activities cannot be duplicated away from campus.

  • Courses necessary for the student to maintain their academic status.

  • The courses of study for special education student will be consistent with the instructional objectives of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


What next?

Please see your school site for more information