Community Day School Behavior Options

Mission Statement

The Special Education Behavior Options Program provides a positive, structured environment with emphasis on academic and behavioral growth with the intention students will return to a comprehensive high school when appropriate.  


Program Purpose

The purpose of the Special Education Behavior Options Program is to provide high school students with an alternative classroom placement and serve the educational needs of students who are experiencing difficulty (primarily, but not exclusively) with behavior in the comprehensive setting. Students with special needs (particularly students with emotional/behavioral disabilities) can reach their highest potential in safe and structured environments that afford them a strong sense of security, a positive attitude toward learning and incentives for appropriate behavior.


Curriculum and Instruction

The Orange Unified School District adopted curriculum is used in the Behavior Options classroom. Each student’s IEP (Individualized Education Program) determines their particular instruction modalities and lesson plans, yet all students benefit from our comprehensive education model, defined by a core set of program directives:

  • Individualization

  • Positive Behavior Support

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Flexible Programing

  • High Staff-to-Student Ratios

  • Full Subject Area Coverage & Comprehensive Curriculums

  • Integrated Technology in the Classroom


Positive behavior support Daily point sheet

The student’s classroom behavior is monitored each period. Daily point sheets are used as a monitoring tool. The point sheets are used to monitor student’s behavior progress, aid in determining privileges earned, determine level advancement and return to compressive high schools.


Exit Procedures

A student may be considered for a different placement or exit the program based upon his/her behavior and success in the program. The minimum amount of time a student will attend the Special Education Behavior Options program is one semester. If after that one semester, the student is consistently at the Master Level, attaining 90% attendance, and passing all classes with a minimum of a C grade, an IEP will be held to discuss the placement options including but not limited to the following:

  1. 2 classes at his/her comprehensive high school program

  2. 4 classes at his/her comprehensive high school program

  3. Placement full time at his/her high school of residence


Transition Services

Student’s Individualized Transition Plan is implemented to address the following primary areas:

  • Life Skills

  • College Preparation

  • Occupational Readiness