Community Day School

Mission Statement

Community Day School serves students in grades seven through twelve. CDS is built on the belief that all students when given the appropriate environment, educational expertise and opportunity, can be “Titans” of learning. Each student regardless of ability, socio-economic or cultural background should develop a sense of self-worth, accountability and responsibility, as well as the desire to successfully return to their comprehensive schools to perform as responsible citizens within their community.  



Community Day School will prepare students to successfully return to their comprehensive school setting by:

  • Improving their academic proficiency in the core subject areas

  • Developing skilled communicators who speak in respectful appropriate manner as well as demonstrate the ability to actively listen and follow direction.

  • Developing social and personal responsibility to take an active role in their academic progress and success


Student/School Wide Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)


  1. Academically proficient students in all core subjects and electives

  2. Skilled and Confident verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal and written communicators.

  3. Socially and personally responsible.



Students will create 3 week goals to improve in the following areas:


Attendance- maximum of one Y (tardy 30 mins or more) Tardy and up to 3 individual period, unexcused absences/ tardies in the 15 day period.

No truancies or suspensions.

4 CDS Bucks can be redeemed in exchange for cancellation of one tardy. Limit of two!


Behavior- acceptable per Titans on Track criteria and Student Learning Objectives


Academics- no failing grades


Level 1: not meeting requirements/new student

Level 2: meeting requirements

Level 3: exceeding requirements/ Eligible for Leadership.