Parent Organization

Parent Involvement

You are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in your child’s classroom. Please feel free to offer any time, energy, and talents you have available. 

To be a successful parent volunteer, please:

  • Be punctual and consistent. If you are not able to come at your scheduled time, please call the office or contact the teacher.
  • Check in at the office.
  • Please leave siblings at home.
  • Remember instructional time is always occurring in the classroom. Do not interrupt lessons or engage the teacher in conversations during class time.
  • Respect confidentiality.

There will be many volunteering opportunities throughout the year in which you may choose to participate. Some are daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis. Please keep in mind that some jobs need multiple helpers. In some cases, parents will work directly together and in other cases they may share the job. In other words, one helper might do the same thing as another helper, just on different days.