Language Arts:


Textbook: McGraw-Hill Wonders!

Read alouds, guided reading, and independent reading activities 

Phonemic awareness (hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes/sounds), phonics (associating letters with sounds), reading strategies (decoding, monitoring, clarifying, predicting, etc.), and comprehension (cause and effect, sequencing, main idea, details, etc.)

Reading Counts: Independent or guided classroom books with computerized quizzes based on each student’s lexile. 


Write from the Beginning 

Modeled, guided, and independent writing 

Printing program for TK and Kindergarten: Handwriting Without Tears



Textbook: Savvas

Manipulatives used to teach and model concepts

Guided and independent practice provided for all concepts



Textbook: Amplify

Hands-on science investigations

Life, physical and earth sciences


Social Studies

Textbook: TCI


Physical Education

Varies by grade level: Warm-up activities, sports skills instruction, playground rules, and sportsmanship