Systematic Utilization of Comprehensive Strategies for Ensuring Student Success

The elementary SUCSESS program services students, grades K-6, whom have a diagnosis of moderate to severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The SUCSESS classrooms are specifically designed to address the unique needs of this student population.  Teachers and instructional assistants are well versed in the application of evidence-based practices such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), positive behavior intervention supports (PBIS), communication development, and structured teaching. Each child receives functional and academic instruction at his/her individual social, communicative, and adaptive level, with a focus placed on independence and self-sufficiency.

Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Ghoulam

Jayme Ghoulam has been with Orange Unified for 14 years, nine of which she has spent teaching the upper grade SUCSESS class. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education, and is Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) certified. Ms. Ghoulam places great focus on independence as well as the prerequisite skills necessary for leading a high-quality life.

Mrs. Shallcross

Megan Shallcross has been teaching in Orange Unified School District for 7 years. Megan worked as an intervention teacher, and has been currently teaching the K/1 SUCSESS class for the last 4 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Chapman University and is trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).  Mrs. Shallcross focuses on building the foundation for education, and a love for learning.

Mrs. Barry

Katie Barry has been teaching special education in New Jersey for 12 years. This is her first year teaching in California, as she just recently moved to the state. Mrs. Barry has been currently teaching the 1,2, & 3 SUCSESS class. She has Bachelor's Degrees in Elementary Education, Psychology, and Special Education.  Mrs. Barry also has a Master’s Degree in Literacy. Mrs. Barry's philosophy on teaching is to help students develop the skills needed to become independent, socially responsible, life-long learners. She strives to nurture the unique talents of each individual to develop confidence and capabilities to face the challenges of the everyday world.

Mr. Friedlander

This is Zackary Friedlander’s 2nd year teaching at Palmyra Elementary. Before Palmyra, he worked in another Orange County school district where he completed Certified Autism Training (CAT) and supported students at various schools and in settings that required intense behavioral intervention. In Mr. Friedlander’s class, it is important that students are happy at school, and are given every opportunity to maintain and grow their independence.