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Early Bird Readers

Students can come to the library before school to read, check out, or return books.  Students must be in the library by 7:45.

Reading Counts

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The theme this year for Palmyra’s Reading Counts program is Star Wars!

The first achievement level is R2D2 or C3PO.  First graders must earn 10 Reading Counts points to get a character while all other students must earn 25 Reading Counts points.  The next level is Yoda or Princess Leia where students get their picture taken while wearing the Princess Leia wig or the Yoda hood.  They must earn 100 Reading Counts points to reach this level.


There is a separate wall for Han Solos or Reys, which are students who have read one million words.

We are also tracking which classes can travel to the depths of the galaxy on the power of the words they have read.


The highest honor for our Palmyra readers is for one upper grade student and one primary grade student with the highest number of words read.  These two students get their names engraved on a plaque permanently installed in the library. Last year our upper grade student had over 7.5 million words and the primary student had 3.5 million words!



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