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Olive Elementary Handbook Cover


Parent/Student Handbook



Olive Elementary School

3038 North Magnolia Street

Orange,   CA   92865


Phone Number:           (714)637-8218

Absence Line:               (714)628-5644

Fax Number:                (714)637-8237





            Welcome back to school!  Please take time to review the information provided in our Olive School Handbook.  The pages in this handbook include policies and procedures, ways for parents to be involved and helpful parent information.  The intent of this handbook is to keep you informed and to encourage your participation in school activities.  As the year progresses, additional information and dates will be sent home through newsletters and phone calls.

            We are counting on you to become an integral member of the school community. Education is a partnership that cannot occur without the support of every staff member, the involvement of every parent, and the commitment of every student.



            Olive Elementary School is a traditional track, kindergarten through sixth grade school of approximately three hundred fifty students and thirty staff members.  The school is situated on a historical site which has housed a variety of schools since 1876.  The school gymnasium is designated a historical landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior.  Olive School was re-opened by the Orange Unified School District in September of 1999.

            The staff, students, and parents at Olive School enjoy warm relationships in a professional and caring setting.  Our PBIS Program enhances the school’s comfortable, safe climate by explicitly teaching respect and responsibility for others.  Our positive, energetic staff provides a quality instructional program for all of the children we serve.  We welcome visitors and would be happy to answer any questions regarding our school.


FORWARD by Mrs. Kathy Nygaard

Being involved in your child’s school has been shown to help your child succeed. However, parents are not always sure how to become involved.  It was with this in mind that I helped create the Olive School Handbook.  This handbook provides policies and procedures about what you need to know about being a student and a parent at Olive.  Some examples of these include attendance procedures, lunch policies and what will happen in case of an emergency.


Section Two of the Handbook lists ways for parents to become involved at Olive.  I hope you will take advantage of the suggestions in this section and participate as much as possible at Olive.  We truly do want family involvement.  This section does not include all the ways parents can help at Olive.  I hope you will help us think of other ways that we can help make Olive a true partnership between you, our valued parent, and the staff and teachers at Olive.


Section Three of the handbook includes parent resources.  Research indicates that healthy, active children do better in school.  My intention in helping to create this handbook was to give you, as parents, ideas to help you and your child succeed at Olive and beyond.  You are the first and most important teacher your child has.  The teachers and staff at Olive Elementary are here to support you in this awesome role.  Hopefully, the Olive Handbook will assist in your efforts to help your child succeed.




            Olive’s staff is committed to providing effective and rigorous instruction based on the Common Core State Standards.  It is our belief that all students must be offered the academic and social challenges that will prepare them to be productive citizens and lead fulfilling lives.





The school office is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The office phone number is (714) 637-8218.  Teachers are usually available between 7:45 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Students may arrive at school at 7:35 a.m.  Please do not send your child to school before this time since supervision is not available.  Please make arrangements with your child to go to and from school safely.


Olive Elementary is a closed campus.  For the safety of all students, access to the campus is controlled.  Parents and all other visitors must enter the campus through the office to sign-in. This includes before and after school hours.



Orange Unified School District offers School Age Child Care.  For more information, please call the School Age Child Care (SAC) office at (714) 628-5360 or on site at (714) 628-5388.



Daily attendance at school is mandated by California State Law until the age of eighteen.  Attendance is calculated in the district by actual physical presence by the student.


We want to avoid unnecessary absences that limit your child’s opportunity to obtain a high quality education.  Studies show that there is a direct correlation between good school attendance and student achievement.  Therefore, we encourage you, as parents, to reinforce the importance of being at school each and every day and to make every effort to send your child to school on a regular basis.  Attendance and tardies are monitored at the District level and action will be taken if your child has excessive tardies or absences.


Please call our absence line at (714) 628-5644, if your child is absent or send a written note to the school office stating the date of the absence, student’s name, teacher’s name and the specific reason for the absence (illness, personal, bereavement, etc.), on their return to school.  Children should not be sent to school when they have a fever, diarrhea, or are vomiting and may not return to school until they are free from all symptoms for 24 hours. Germs spread quickly. If a pupil becomes ill or injured at school, you will be called to pick up your child. Please note, after 14 illness absences, illnesses will only be considered “excused” with a medical note from a doctor.


If you wish to pick up homework for an absent child, please contact school office or the teacher directly.  Please recognize that teachers will not be able to collect materials for your child during instructional hours.  If your child will be absent for five days or more, you may contact the office to request an “Independent Study Agreement.” This agreement needs to be made at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled absences.


If your child is tardy to school, he/she must report through the front office to allow us to update our attendance records for that day.  Consistent tardiness also impairs your child’s ability to perform well at school and will result in parent contact and appropriate consequences.  Should you find it necessary to schedule a medical/dental appointment during the student’s class time, please notify the teacher and school office by note, email, or phone call in advance so that we may keep class interruptions to a minimum.  All students leaving school before dismissal time must be signed out in the office by a parent, guardian or other adult listed on the Emergency Contact Information Form/Page. Students will be released only to parents/guardians and those whose names are listed as an Emergency Contact with proper ID.


Please pick your child up promptly at dismissal.  Late pick-ups greatly worry children.  If your child is picked up from school more than 15 minutes after dismissal, he or she must be signed out from the office.  Only those listed as an Emergency Contact may sign a child out from the office.  Photo identification will be requested from those picking up children.  Chronic late pick-ups may be referred to Child Protective Services.



Emergency contact information must be filled out for each child attending school.  It is imperative that we have up-to-date information with each section answered to the best of the parent’s ability.  Part of this information is needed to help the teacher and the school staff understand any physical concerns your child may have; the rest of it is vital information in case of illness, accidental injury or an emergency at school.  Please be sure your emergency contact information is competed thoroughly.


If at any time during the school year there should be a change in any of the information asked for on the emergency card, please notify the office immediately.  Neglect in keeping the school office correctly informed could mean the loss of precious minutes at the time of an emergency.



Children are not to be released directly from the classroom to leave school before dismissal times.  Parents are asked to come to the school office if they must pick up their child during school hours.  Office personnel will check the Emergency Contact Information Form/Page for proper authorization. Identification will be required for anyone picking up students through the office.



The school district does not provide medical insurance for school accidents.  This means that you are responsible for your child’s medical bills if they get hurt during school activities.  If your child does have other health coverage, student insurance may also be used to help pay those charges not covered by other insurance.  Please read the Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co., Inc. information carefully.  If you have any questions, please call (800) 827-4695.  Bilingual representatives are available for parents who need assistance in Spanish.




To culminate or enrich a unit of study, field trips are often planned.  These trips are considered a valuable extension of the instructional program.  Parents may be asked to accompany the class to assist with supervision.



At Olive, the safety and welfare of each of our students is our top priority.  We hold regular drills to teach children the appropriate way to safely exit the building in the event of a fire, to “duck and cover” in the event of an earthquake, and what to do in the case of a lock-down.  The school is fully equipped with supplies for both first aid and search and rescue through the donations of parents and purchases made by our Olive-Parent-Teacher-Club (OPTC).  In addition, staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR.  Our school staff is prepared to deal with a major emergency and to provide for the physical and emotional needs of students while they are under our supervision, as well as their orderly and safe release.


To assist in this effort, we require parents to do the following:


Complete the Parent Portal for each student, and update it whenever there is a change in your contact information.  Remember, in the event of a disaster, access to students will be carefully controlled so that we may account for every child.  Students will be released ONLY to adults designated on their Emergency Information Form/Page.  In the event of a disaster, all adults must check in at the Reunion Area (grass area near Olive St.) to request student release and to sign out students in the designated manner.



Olive office staff will handle emergencies following basic first aid procedures.  Should you need medical advice, you will need to consult a physician.  In the event of an injury or illness requiring additional care, the parent will be notified.  In an extreme emergency, paramedics will be called to provide immediate care at school.  



If a child requires medication at school, medication must be kept in the Health Office and dispensed under supervision of school personnel.  There are required medication forms available at the school office for obtaining doctor’s written authorization and parent permission.  This includes prescriptions and “over the counter” medications. If a student brings medication from home without the proper authorization form on file, parents will be called and the medication will be kept in the office for parents to pick up. This is for the safety of all students.



The primary standards for student dress are to be neat and clean while at school.  Students are not to be attired in clothing which compromises safety or modesty. Clothing which is disruptive to the educational process, and any clothing or related accessories that are gang related or vulgar are not permitted.


Students should wear clothing, jewelry and footwear that allow them to participate in games and do not draw attention away from the learning environment.  Bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, short skirts, short-shorts and torn clothing are not considered appropriate clothing for school.  Tank tops should have a two-inch width on top of the shoulders.  Logos on t-shirts must be appropriate for school and must not distract from the classroom instruction.


Hair must be worn in a style that is not disruptive (no long spikes, “mohawk” styles, letters/symbols shaved into the hair, etc.).  Hair color must be natural.  Hats are to be worn facing forward and for protection from the sun only.  Hats on boys and girls should be removed upon entering any building and while beneath the shade structure at the lunch tables.


Pants are to fit at the waist and be size appropriate.  Shoes are to be worn at all times and must be appropriate for school activities.  Sandals, backless shoes, open-toed, high heels, platform shoes, and shoes with wheels are not considered appropriate footwear for school activities.  Tennis shoes are recommended for everyday wear.


Wearing make-up is not appropriate at the elementary school level.  If a student comes to school dressed in an inappropriate manner, parents will be called and requested to bring appropriate clothing.



We discourage students from bringing cell phones to school, however, if they are brought, they must be turned off and kept in backpacks during the entire school day, including recesses.  Cell phones may only be used in emergency situations identified by staff.  Forgotten items from home are not considered emergencies. 



Regular drop off is located on Olive Street (one-way street parallel to Orange-Olive) and pick up locations are on Olive Street and inside the primary parking lot, on the corner of Magnolia and Buena Vista. When dropping off and picking up, please be sure to stay in the drop off lane and use the pass thru lane to exit the line. If parking to drop off or pick up your child, please use the marked parking spaces only and walk your child across the front of traffic line to the gate.


The parking lot in front of the school office is reserved for staff, school business and   School - Age Care ONLY.  Do not park in the “handicapped spaces” unless you have the proper permit to use these parking places.


Parents are asked to help their children learn the safest route to and from school and to practice good citizenship while walking to and from school.


  1. Cross streets carefully.
  2. Stay on the sidewalk.
  3. Show respect for property.
  4. Walk directly home.
  5. Do not play along the way.



Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 may ride bicycles to and from school after a completed, signed and approved contract is on file in the school office.  Parents are responsible for discussing safe riding practices and routes with their child.  Bicycles must be locked in the bicycle racks.  If you do not abide by the contract, it may be revoked.  Bicycle riding is prohibited on the school grounds at all times.  The school cannot legally assume any responsibility or liability in connection with a child’s bicycle if it becomes lost, stolen or damaged.  A helmet is required.

Skateboards and scooters are not permitted at school.



Olive student birthdays will be recognized during morning announcements each week.  Our students are important to us and we want to celebrate their presence with us on their special day. Due to health concerns, birthday cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cookies or other edible treats will not be accepted at school.  Parents are welcome to send birthday goodies to share with the class that are school related such as pencils, stickers, erasers, etc. Balloons or flowers will not be delivered to class, as they are a distraction to the educational day.  Invitations for home parties may not be distributed at school.  Your cooperation in this matter will help avoid injured feelings and lost instructional time.




Please put your child’s name on lunch boxes or sacks, sweaters, jackets, hats, rain gear, etc. Many articles are lost at school and remain unclaimed because they are not labeled.  If your child loses an item, please check the Lost and Found cart.  Unclaimed articles will be donated to a charitable organization.



Breakfast is served between 7:35 a.m. – 7:50 a.m.  Breakfast cannot be served after 7:50 a.m. Breakfast and lunch may be purchased at school through Nutrition Services, or you may send your child with a lunch from home.  Please be aware that the school office will not be able to loan money for a lunch purchase.  It is requested that you do not send soft drinks or deliver “fast food” to the school for your child’s lunch.  Please check each morning to see that your child has a sack lunch, or lunch money. Children that have a healthy lunch will perform better in class.

Should you find it necessary to bring your child’s sack lunch to school after the start of instruction, please remind him/her to check the office at recess and lunch in order to pick up their lunch.


Federal Code Regulations parts 210.11 and 220.9 expressly forbid taking meals from Nutrition Services off campus.  All food purchased on site must be consumed on site.



Teachers and Noon Duty Supervisors provide morning and lunch recess supervision for our students. Playground supervision at Olive will be limited on the playground in the mornings.  When you are taking your child to school in the morning please come to a complete stop and have your child exit your car on the passenger side.  Please be sure they walk directly to their designated spot on the upper grade playground and wait for their teacher to escort them to class.


Students should not arrive on campus any earlier than 7:35 AM.  At the end of the school day, students are expected to leave the school grounds immediately, unless they are attending the on-site day care program.  Our childcare program has exclusive use of the playground after school. 



A parent must have prior approval from principal and teacher before allowing a child to bring a pet to school.  The pet must be caged properly and have a “clean bill of health” from a veterinarian.  Please be aware that pursuant to Orange County Ordinance 41.46 dogs are not to be on public school property at any time.  If you choose to bring your dog when walking your child to and from school, please wait for your child off school grounds.


Children are not allowed to bring toys, games, or sporting equipment unless permission has been given by the teacher. The school cannot be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items if brought to school


Children are not to carry large sums of money or bring valuable items to school.  We cannot be responsible for lost items such as iPods, cameras, play equipment, electronic games, phones or other personal items, which might be damaged or become lost.



We enforce a policy of Zero Tolerance, which means that the following violations will result in immediate SUSPENSION or EXPLUSION.


            Possession of a firearm

            Brandishing a knife

            Sale of Controlled Substance

            Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault


In addition, the following violations may result in immediate SUSPENSION and a determination of further action that may result in EXPULSION proceedings.


            Serious physical injury to others

            Possession of knives, explosives or other dangerous objects

            Possession of controlled substance

            Robbery or extortion

            Assault or battery upon any school employee


Substance abuse in the school will not be tolerated.  Employees and students are not allowed to possess, sell, transfer, or to be under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, narcotics, or any other dangerous drugs as defined by the California statue.


The California State Legislature has maintained an expulsion recommendation for any student (regardless of grade or age) who is involved in any kind of Weapons Violation (including the possession of knives, firearms, fireworks, and lighters or matches) at or around school.



Students are responsible for the care of textbooks and library books checked out to them.  Each student will be responsible for returning his/her textbooks in the same condition that they were issued (except for normal wear).  The school must be reimbursed by the parent or guardian for damaged textbooks or other school property.



The California Education Code permits local schools to release children for religious instruction on school time.  Classes are not part of the public school program nor are they held on school property.


Parents of fourth and fifth grade students are offered the opportunity to enroll their children in the interdenominational Bible study class.  Signed permission forms are required in order to participate.  Students may register for the class at any time during the school year.


Enrollment in Released Christian Education is purely voluntary and instruction is offered once a week.  A child may only be withdrawn from the program with parent’s written permission.





In general, our philosophy of behavior and discipline is based on the following:

  • The development of self-responsibility is a prime objective of Olive Elementary School.
  • Students, parents, and the community share the responsibility of behavior and discipline with the school.
  • A safe and secure learning environment allows all students the opportunity for academic, social, and emotional growth.
  • A behavior plan should incorporate student self-control and create a strong feeling of school community.
  • The main emphasis of discipline should be on reinforcing positive behavior, but corrective measures are necessary for students who choose to break school rules. We recognize that, at times, students make poor choices. Our philosophy is to assist children in learning from their mistakes.
  • Students who experience consistent, logical, and realistic consequences for their actions learn that they have positive control over their lives.
  • Parents will be expected to support the school staff in all student discipline matters so that students will learn to accept personal responsibility.


General School Rules:

  1. Treat all people with consideration and respect.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. Use only kind words towards others.
  4. Follow all safety, classroom, lunch, and playground rules.
  5. Accept responsibility for your own actions.


What is Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?

PBIS is a school-wide behavior system.  It is a systematic approach, used in schools across the nation, for establishing the social culture and individualized behavior supports needed for schools to be effective learning environments for all students.  The system focus is clearly defined behavior expectations and positive reinforcement for all students.


Why do Olive students and staff need PBIS?

Olive staff wants to create a sense of unity and pride amongst the students at Olive. PBIS enables Olive staff to consistently promote, teach and maintain appropriate student behavior.




What are the behavior expectations for students?

R-I Show Respect

O-I Stay On Task

A-I Act Safely

R-I am Responsible

I pledge to ROAR at home, at school, and in my community each day.


How will students learn the ROAR behavior expectations?

At the beginning of the school year, Olive teachers will walk the students through the different areas of the campus where they will review expectations, demonstrate appropriate behavior, and role play making positive choices.  The behavior expectations will be reviewed at a ROAR assembly at the beginning of each year and after winter break. Olive staff members will work with students daily to develop responsible and respectful behavior.


How does the program reinforce positive behavior?

Olive staff has worked diligently to develop meaningful and fun incentives for our students. Students have the opportunity to earn ROAR tickets throughout the school day from any staff member that observes the student behaving in an Olive ROAR manner.  The staff has come up with a list of incentives, which is updated annually, that will appeal to students that prefer to use their points immediately and to those who would rather save for a “big ticket item.”  The incentives are described on a poster in your child’s classroom.


What happens if my child has a behavior problem at school?

Discipline referrals will be given to students for minor behaviors that occur during the school day.  These referrals are handled by the teacher. The referral serves as a warning that the behavior choice was inappropriate, as well as a communication tool between the teacher and the home.  Please take the opportunity to discuss ROAR choices with your child and return the signed copy to your child’s teacher indicating that you received notification of the behavior.


Office referrals are given when a student displays major behaviors anywhere on campus.  These referrals are handled by the principal.  Once the situation is investigated, she will make contact with the parents of the student referred to discuss the incident.  Please discuss any office referral with your child, sign it, and return it to school on the day following the incident.


Playground game rules are taught and reviewed throughout the school year.  Students are held responsible for learning and following these rules. 


Olive students will be using the following Conflict Resolution Strategies to help them become better problem solvers:


1.      Talk it over

2.      Walk away

3.      Say “I’m sorry”

4.      Do something else

5.      Take turns

6.      Share

7.      Ignore

8.      Ask for help (first from a peer, then from an adult, after using three or more of the above tools first)




Olive welcomes and values our volunteer assistants. Without our volunteers, many programs and activities would not be possible.  There are a variety of avenues for parents to volunteer their time and talents to our school.


  • Classroom Assistance: Classroom teachers will recruit parent help at the beginning of the school year.  There are opportunities for parents to work directly with students, and to complete tasks at home.  If you are interested in serving in this way, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • School Site Council: This group is composed of staff and parent members whose responsibility it is to plan, monitor, and evaluate our Single Plan for Student Achievement.
  • ELAC: The English Language Advisory Committee is composed of parents of English Language Learners who meet to review our instructional support of all English Learners.
  • Olive-Parent-Teacher-Club (OPTC): The Olive Parent Teacher Club is a non-profit organization providing support to Olive Elementary School.  The club is a general membership organization open to all families, teachers, and staff at Olive Elementary School.  A variety of programs and activities are scheduled throughout the year and coordinated by the OPTC.  All parents are welcomed to attend the OPTC meetings.  We encourage parents to join OPTC.  You are an invaluable asset to your child’s education!


Volunteers and Visitors

Parents are always welcome to visit our school.  However, we ask the courtesy of having you arrange your visit with the teacher and/or principal in advance.  All visitors must check in at the office in order to sign-in and obtain a “Visitor/Volunteer” pass before going to the classroom and on the campus.



Our commitment is that we will regularly and thoroughly communicate with parents.  This communication will be accomplished through a variety of formally scheduled activities throughout the year.


  • Back-to School Night: During the first month of school, we will hold a formal evening meeting for parents with a presentation made by your child’s teacher regarding curriculum and expectations for the coming school year.
  • Report Cards: Three times per year, report cards will be issued for all students in grades K-6.  The report card is kept by the parent and its envelope is to be signed and returned to school with the exception of the last quarter report card, which will be sent home with students on the last day of school.
  • Parent Conferences: Conferences are scheduled in the fall and an optional spring conference may be scheduled also.  The fall conference is to select goals for the student for the year and to review early progress.  The spring conference serves as a follow-up to goal setting, when necessary.  Teachers are always available to schedule an individual meeting to discuss a concern or issue. Two-way school-to-home communication is a significant factor in student success. Please be sure to reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  • School Wide Phone/Email Updates: Every Sunday, a phone message and/or email regarding important school information will be sent to your home.  Please be sure to keep your contact information updated.  Please update your parent portal or inform the school office of any changes.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Each month a newsletter will go home to provide families with important information from Olive, as well as upcoming events. Please read these carefully and keep them posted in a visible area at home for review.
  • Open House is held in the spring time.  This is a great opportunity to see what your child and their teacher have been working on throughout the school year.
  • Twitter: Follow Olive school on Twitter:  @oliveschool
  • Olive School Website: http://www.orangeusd.org/olive/index.asp




Although it may seem like it, children do not spend much time at school.  Our school year is 180 days.  The hours and days our children are not in school are extremely important for learning.  Even though most families are extremely busy, the adults in our children’s lives must make time to spend with their children.  We all want that time to count in helping prepare their children for the world they will find outside the home.  Probably the most important activity we can do in our home is to communicate with our children.  Ask questions and listen for answers.


These are no-cost, high-value things to do.


·          Let your children see you read, read to them, read with them.  Visit the library. Keep books, magazines and newspapers around the house.

·         Keep pencils and paper, crayons and markers handy for notes, grocery lists, journals and school work.  Write your child a letter and ask him or her to write you back.

·         Ask open-ended questions. Rather than, “How was your day?” ask your child to tell you what was learned in class today, or what sort of writing they are working on.


Whatever you do, treasure your time with your children!


Be sure to visit Orange Unified School District’s (OUSD) Website for more information: http://www.orangeusd.k12.ca.us.  There are many resources available for parents and students on this website.  You can also find resources and valuable information on Olive’s school website (https://www.orangeusd.org/olive-elementary-school). You may want to subscribe to follow Olive on Twitter (@oliveschool) and Olive Parent Teacher Club on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OLIVEOPTC ) for frequent news and updates.


Have a wonderful year!