School Boundary


                   Nohl Canyon Elementary is proud and honored to make you a part of our award-winning school.  When your child is a Nohl Canyon Roadrunner you can rest assured that they are receiving a high-quality education while being surrounded by adults who truly care about all aspects of their well-being.  From the first day of school, Nohl Canyon scholars learn how to be respectful, responsible, good decision makers, and problem solvers.

          Our Priority Enrollment is for our resident students, but we also offer enrollment to out-of-boundary students through the Open Enrollment process beginning in January 14, 2019.

          Please remember to check our website as that time of year approaches if you are interested in enrollment for next year.

          If you are interested in enrollment for this year, please call our office at 714-997-6203 for more information.

Check here to see if you are in our residence boundaries...


          If your student belongs to our school, you may now proceed to


          Nohl Canyon would like to promote ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS.  This year we will be implementing our new ON-LINE REGISTRATION system to preserve Mother Earth.  We also want you to know that we are here to help and guide you with our new process...

we are just a phone call away 714-997-6203