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Board of Education Facilities Subcommittee

Board Study Session: Bond Program Implementation Planning

Bond Feasibility Tracking Study

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CP Appraisers of Orange Report on School Bond Elections and Home Values

Facilities Assessment & Funding

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Comprehensive High School Condition Assessment

Comprehensive High Schools Condition Assessment

June 2013 Facilities Condition Assessment by Parsons highlights significant deficiencies in OUSD high school facilities:

  • Using a Facilities Condition Index (FCI) measurement, all four high schools were rated Poor.
  • One campus has reached, and all four are approaching threshold at which major renovation of demolition must be considered.
  • Current total needs is estimated to be at least $199.7 million. If not addressed that estimate rises to $267.0 million in ten years.

District-Wide Standards / Planning Guidelines

Summary of Master Planning Process Overview

OUSD is actively developing site plans for future development of its four comprehensive high schools along with Fred Kelly Stadium.

Plans for each high school will be developed in a way that blends general school needs with the local character and needs of each site.

  • Community meetings are taking place to solicit local feedback.
  • Each school has a core group of community members, parents, faculty, and staff working with school design architects to build plans.
  • Additional community feedback may be provided through

Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan