Measure S: Canyon High School

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Current Status: PHASE I Completed/Building Open

View of Canyon High School quad area


Lobby in new building



Phase II Design Development
June 6, 2019 Board of Education Meeting

PHASE II Design Development


RENOVATION OF 200 BUILDING- Current Science Classrooms

Phase I Final Design Development
February 15, 2018 Board of Education Meeting

PHASE I Design Development

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

CEQA Notice of Exemption 2018

CEQA Notice of Exemption 2022


Virtual Tour - Canyon High School Science Center


Canyon HS Campus Report (Parsons) - 3/13/2013

Canyon High School opened in 1973. Although the newest of the OUSD high schools it is now 40 years old.

Three buildings and 24 portables have been identified as needing major renovation or demolition.

It is projected that without facilities enhancements, all campus buildings will need major renovation or demolition within 10 years.