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Orange High School Science Center Groundbreaking

FAST FACTS: Did you Know?

  • Measure S will provide $288 million in locally controlled funds to repair and upgrade OUSD’s four comprehensive high schools.
  • Measure S will cost approximately $29 per $100,000 of assessed property value (not market value) annually, or about $108 per year for the average residence.
  • Measure S will help the District qualify for state matching funds of up to $60 million.
  • An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual audits will help ensure funds are spent properly.
  • None of the funds raised can be used for administrators’ and teachers’ salaries or benefits.
  • Measure S requires the District to set aside funds for ongoing maintenance to protect taxpayers’ investment.
  • Measure S is written to ensure that each of the four high schools receive an equal share.

    Measure S funds will be used to:
  • Retrofit older school buildings to protect against the effects of earthquakes and reduce the risk of damage or injury during natural disasters.
  • Update classrooms, science labs, career-training facilities, libraries and computer systems to keep pace with modern technology.
  • Modernize aging science labs and equipment.