Language Arts:

Reading textbook: McGraw-Hill Wonders! (student sign-in at My OrangeUSD Student Dashboard)

Reading Counts: leveled readers with computerized quizzes based on each student’s lexile level as determined by the Scholastic Reading Inventory (Most students will check out Beginning Reader books and receive assistance with reading the Reading Counts quizzes in the computer lab during the third quarter.)

Lexia Core 5: Lexia® Core5® Reading supports educators in providing differentiated literacy instruction for students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5. Lexia’s research-proven program provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, targeting skill gaps as they emerge, and providing teachers with the data and student-specific resources they need for individual or small-group instruction. For more information, visit the website here.

Lexia Power Up Literacy: Lexia® PowerUp Literacy™ is designed to help students in grades 6 and above become proficient readers and confident learners. PowerUp helps educators simultaneously address gaps in fundamental literacy skills while helping students build the higher-order skills they need to comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and compare increasingly complex literary and informational texts. For more information, visit the website here.

Write from the Beginning: WFBB is a K-8 comprehensive, systemically structured, writing curriculum designed to assist educators and students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for age-appropriate and domain-specific writing achievement.  Each of the domains of writing utilizes a combination of modeling, analytic rubrics, and mini-lessons that focus on the essential elements of effective writing.  



Mathematics textbook: Pearson-Scott Foresman enVision Math (student sign-in at My OrangeUSD Student Dashboard)



Science textbook: Scott Foresman California Science (student sign-in at My OrangeUSD Student Dashboard)

Hands-on science investigations

Life, physical and earth sciences

Social Studies

Social Studies textbook: TCI (student sign-in at My OrangeUSD Student Dashboard)


Physical Education

Varies by grade level: Warm-up activities, sports skills instruction, playground rules, and sportsmanship

Sports for Learning will be implemented for ALL grade levels from the 2021-2022 school year.