Welcome to La Veta Elementary!

La Veta Elementary strives to ensure the progress of all students to their highest potential through a rigorous standards-based academic curriculum and instruction supported by research-based pedagogy. As a professional learning community, our students are successful as the result of input from all stakeholders. School Site Council, English Language Acquisition Committee and PTA all play an active role in the decision making process at La Veta.

Our goal is to provide a positive and safe learning environment. The school climate is enhanced through special programs, assemblies and activities, many of which are provided by PTA funding. La Veta teachers provide a warm and caring atmosphere for their students. This same caring attitude is visible in interactions between office staff, noon supervisors, aides, school administration and students. La Veta is known to be a place where children feel safe and motivated to learn. Our instructional program reflects high expectations for all students.

I look forward to another exciting year of leading the professional learning community at La Veta Elementary!


  Lydia Roach