Parent Student Handbook / Policies and Procedures







Please telephone the office (714-997-6282) the morning your child will be absent from school, or send a written excuse stating the specific cause of absence upon his/her return.  An absence must be cleared with a note or a call within 3 days or it will be considered an unexcused absence. **Homework may be requested but cannot be picked up until after school, pending teacher discretion. Removing students for vacation results in unexcused absences and could lead to a failing grade.

Absences are considered excessive when they are over 1% of days enrolled, or a total greater than 15 days. E.C. 48200


Please read the Accident and Health Insurance Letter.  Enrollment is optional.

If you wish coverage for your child, please follow the How to Enroll procedures outlined in the brochure.  Applications with checks or money orders are to be mailed directly to Myers-Stevens & Co. in the self-addressed envelopeDO NOT send premium payments to the school.


Playground supervision begins at 7:30 a.m.  Students who arrive to school before that time will be directed to wait at the lunch tables.  Please do not drop students off before 7:30 am.


If you must drop students off before the campus is open, please contact CARES for before school care information. (714) 628-5360.


Non-bus students in grades 4-6 may ride their bicycles to school with parent permission. Students must follow these rules:


Bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle racks

All bicycles MUST BE securely locked to the bike stall

No riding of bicycles on school property at any time

Bicycle helmets are required by law for all students




All items brought to school must be arranged with the classroom teacher in advance and MAY NOT be delivered to the class during class time. (Please deliver to office)  Individual classrooms will have their own policies regarding the distribution.

Invitations to birthdays cannot be distributed during school.  Parents may share invitations during student drop-off/pick-up.

The school discourages the bringing of balloons and gifts due to the disruption of learning time.  Balloons may not be brought into the classroom.  Such items, if brought to school, will be held in the office until the end of the school day.


Students are expected to be responsible for the care of text and library books checked out to them.  All textbooks must be covered.  Fines and/or replacement costs will be assessed for carelessly damaged or lost books.


We understand that parents may wish for their children to have cell phones for safety if they are walking home from school.  However, cell phones may not be on while the child is at school. Teachers will explain classroom rules regarding cell phones during the school day. Students may visit the office if they need to make a phone call.


Uninterrupted classroom instructional time is precious to our staff.  Students will not be called out of the classroom to pick up forgotten items, receive phone calls, etc.  Students will only be pulled out for emergencies.  Messages for students will be put in their teacher’s mailbox to be picked up at their break time.  All class visits must be scheduled in advance with the teacher.  Pop-in messages are not allowed.


Uninterrupted classroom instructional time is precious to our staff.  All visits to the classroom and meetings with the teacher must be scheduled in advance.  Classroom visits and observations will be scheduled for 20 minutes at a time and will be accompanied by administration. To protect the privacy of all students, classroom visits will not be honored during recess or lunch times. All visitors on campus are required to register in the office before entering anywhere on campus during school hours.


Imperial teachers are fortunate to have classroom volunteers.  All volunteers are required to complete the “Volunteer Assistance Request” form. Please coordinate your time in the classroom in advance with teacher.  All visitors on campus are required to register in the office before entering anywhere on campus during school hours.  Information learned in the course of classroom volunteerism such as individual student learning profile or parent contact / email information is confidential.


Communication folders go home every Thursday, unless you have been notified by the teacher.  Please review the contents and sign the back of the folder and return on Friday. There may be a $1.00 charge to each replacement folder, if they are still available.



Imperial Elementary Computer lab serves as an extension of classroom learning.  Classes are scheduled to participate in computer time regularly.  The computers in the computer lab are not available for student use outside of teacher sign-up times unless granted permission by classroom teacher or other supervising adult on campus. Please make sure you have an understanding of the Internet Release found on the Emergency information card.



Imperial is not a school with uniforms for students. However, it is encouraged that students wear a red, black, or white polo shirt if uniforms are desired. Khaki pants, shorts, or length appropriate skirts are also included in the uniform look.

All school attire must conform to dress code standards to support a safe and academically appropriate environment, if the uniform look is not desired.  All students who have inappropriate attire or whose clothing does not meet minimum length/coverage standards will be directed to the office to call a parent and will not be allowed to return to class until a change of clothing is available.

Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing and groom themselves in a manner, which reflects good taste, does not violate the rules of decency, offend the standards of other students or detract from the educational program.  Clothing or accessories should be of the type that is safe for work or play in any educational setting.  All students are expected to comply with the following minimum standards of dress and grooming.



Hair:  Hair should be neat, clean, of one natural color and combed in such a manner not to cause undue attention.




Shirts/Tops:  Shirts/blouses must be clean, in good taste, size appropriate and without holes.  Sleeves may be long or short.  Girls may wear sleeveless shirts with straps that are at least 1 ½ inches wide. Shirts/blouses must be long enough to cover all of the stomach, when raises both hands raised above the head.  Halter tops, crop tops, spaghetti straps are NOT permitted.  T-shirts with negative connotations, profanity or that promote alcohol or substance abuse is considered to be in poor taste and will not be allowed.

Pants/Skirts/Jumpers/Dresses: Pants, Capri-style pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, overalls, dresses and jumpers are acceptable but they must be size appropriate so that they fit at the waist and crotch, and so that NO undergarment may show. Short-shorts and skirts or dresses that are too short (must be at least fingertip length) or too tight are prohibited. Cut-offs or tattered clothing is also not allowed.  No oversized clothing is allowed. Due to many varieties of P.E. activities, it is required that girls wear shorts underneath skirts for maximum comfort and safety.

Footwear:  Closed toe and closed heel shoes and socks are to be worn at all times. Flip-flops, sandals and moccasins are discouraged for safety reasons.  Any shoes with 1 ½ inch or above soles are not permitted.  Sandals without a back strap are not allowed.  Athletic shoes with any kind of wheels in them are not allowed to have the wheels in use on the school campus at any time.


An EMERGENCY CARD must be filled out for each child attending school.  It is imperative that we have up-to-date information with each question answered to the best of the parents’ ability.  Part of this information is needed to help the teacher and the school staff understand any physical problem your child may have; the rest of it is vital information in case of illness, accidental injury or an emergency at school.

Please note that a DISASTER CARD will also be sent home to be used in case of a disaster and is required.   This card will remain in the teachers' Emergency Backpack and will accompany each class to the playground in the event of a disaster (such as an earthquake).  It is imperative that each child have a completed DISASTER EMERGENCY CARD before they can be released from school to a parent or reliable adult following a disaster.

If at any time during the school year there should be a change in any of the information asked for on these cards, please notify the school office immediately. Neglect in keeping the school office correctly informed could mean loss of precious minutes at the time of an emergency. 



Each grade level has 2-3 field trips per year.  Students are expected to adhere to classroom and school rules at all times or they will jeopardize their privilege to attend the field trips.  It will be at the teacher/principal’s discretion to allow a student to attend the field trip.


Parents may be asked to attend fieldtrips as chaperones to assist in supervising student safety.  Non-student siblings may not attend.  All chaperones will be approved by the principal and must have a Volunteer Assistance Request form on file.


Office staff will handle emergencies following basic First Aid procedures.  In the event of an illness or injury requiring additional care, the parent will be notified and the school nurse will be called.  In an extreme emergency, paramedics may be called.


Imperial Elementary has an excellent school library. Children are encouraged to use our library as well as the public library to widen their reading and resource experiences.  Children are allowed to take library books home from school.  Please help them to observe due dates and proper care of the books.  We also ask students and parents to maintain the library as a quiet library environment and that students should always have a pass to go to the library.


If an item is lost, please have your child check the “Lost and Found” area in the rear hallway or inquire at the school office.  Please check for lost items frequently.  At the end of each trimester, unclaimed “lost” items will be given to a local charity.  PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ALL SWEATERS/JACKETS

Items not identified and collected at the end of each trimester will be donated to a local charity. This is done as a community service and to keep Imperial as clean and safe as possible.


“Be prepared" for lunch each day either by pre-paying, sending the daily lunch fee, or sending your child’s own packed lunch. This is the parent/student responsibility.  THE SCHOOL OFFICE DOES NOT HAVE MONEY TO LEND.  It is important that the student know a day ahead if they will be buying lunch so that an accurate number of lunches can be delivered and every student can get the meal they ordered.

Lunch Guidelines (Sack Lunches and Boxes/Bags Should be clearly labeled)

Be sure to pack a nutritious lunch

All perishables should be appropriately chilled

Glass and Porcelain is not permitted (this includes jars, bottles, dishes)

Students may NOT share food

Students are encouraged to return their uneaten food home so that parents may monitor daily nutritional intake and waste

PARENTS – Please ensure your child’s lunch box/bag is returned home daily and sanitary conditions are maintained.

 Hot Lunch Menu information will be sent home at the beginning of each month in the communication folder. Hot lunches are available at $2.50 each (includes milk or non-fat chocolate milk).  Please note students may NOT receive their first choice if quantities are not available. Lunches should be *pre-paid, (see below) please deposit a check at the office before lunch time.  Check should be made payable to OUSD Nutrition Services.  Milk is also available to those students not purchasing a lunch and may be purchased at in the lunch line.


Please put your child's name on backpacks, lunch pails, sacks, rain gear, sweaters, jackets, etc.  Many articles are lost at school and remain unclaimed because they are not labeled.



If your child requires medication at school, remember all medication must be kept in the Health Office and dispensed under supervision. Medication must also be accompanied by a signed physicians release form.  Forms are available in the school office.  If your child needs over the counter medications, these too must have approval and be kept in the health office. This includes cough drops.


Children are discouraged from carrying large sums of money or valuable items to school.  Items such as I-pods, CD players, electronics or other personal items that are not related to school or supplies are prohibited at school, unless specifically requested by the teacher.  The school assumes no responsibility if these items are brought to school and then lost or stolen.


If you are planning to move from our school area, please let the school office know which day will be your child's last day of attendance.  Records will be sent to the new school as soon as possible. This process can be expedited by providing the new address and the name of the new school.