Uniform Policy

Handy Scholars dress for success! All Handy Students are expected to follow the school uniform policy. Uniform policies create a more positive learning environment for all students. Plus-school uniforms allow parents to save money and make mornings much smoother! The uniform policy will be strictly enforced.  


  • Any solid red, white, light blue, or navy blue polo shirt
  • school logo shirt
  • long sleeve oxford style shirt

Pants/Shorts/ Skirts:

  • Uniform pants that are navy blue or khaki are acceptable-NO JEANS
  • For girls, skirts must be not more then three inches above the knee and must be solid navy blue or khaki
  • Girls may wear a navy blue or khaki uniform jumper with any of the acceptable uniform shirts


  • Students must wear closed toe tennis shoes or leather shoes
  •  For safety purposes girls may not wear high heeled shoes
  • Students may wear white or navy blue socks

  • Girls may wear white or navy blue tights under skirts or jumpers


  • Students may wear solid red, white, blue, or grey zip up sweatshirts or pull over sweatshirts
  • Students may wear solid red, white, blue, or grey sweaters

Jewelry and Accessories:

Jewelry that is considered dangerous may not be worn: no chain belts, wallet chains, dog chains, or loop earrings

**Any article of clothing designated by the Orange Police Department and OUSD Student & Community Services (SCS) as “gang apparel” will not be permitted.

***Fridays are assigned as Handy Spirit Days, in which students may wear jeans along with a Handy T-shirt or uniform shirt.  The jeans have to be the correct size, and may not be torn, to avoid accidents at recess time.