Digital Citizenship

Each student will receive a device and charger to be kept throughout their time at their designated school. These items are the property of OrangeUSD and all users will follow the district guidelines and rules for the use of technology found in the Parent/Student Handbook (Link:

The device and district-issued email account are the property of OrangeUSD and as a result, may be subject to inspection at any time.

The student should have NO expectation of privacy on the device or OUSD supplied services including email.

PreK - 2nd Grade - Receive iPads 3rd Grade - 12th Grade - Receive Laptops

Please refer to the handbook below for more information.


Cada estudiante recibirá un dispositivo y un cargador que mantendrán durante todo el tiempo en la escuela designada. Estos artículos son propiedad del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Orange (OUSD), todos los usuarios seguirán las reglas de las pautas del distrito y reglas para el uso de tecnología que se encuentra en el Manual de los estudiantes y padres (link:

El dispositivo y el correo electrónico que el distrito provee es propiedad del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Orange (OUSD) y como resultado pudiera ser sujeto a inspección en cualquier momento.

El estudiante no debe tener ninguna expectativa de privacidad con el dispositivo o servicios brindados por el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Orange (OUSD), incluyendo correos electrónicos.

Pre-K - 2ndo Grado – Recibirán IPads 14 3er Grado- Grado 12- Recibirán Laptops

Para más información, consulte el siguiente manual.


Orange USD 1:1 Handbook/Manual del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Orange (OUSD)



Now, more than ever before, Digital Citizenship for students is paramount in education. All Orange Unified schools are working towards becoming certified as a Common Sense School. Earning the Common Sense School badge is a symbol of our school's dedication to helping students think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate.

All students in Orange Unified are guided through a minimum of three (3) Digital Citizenship Lessons utilizing the Common Sense Curriculum. Parents are welcome to view these lessons through the Educational Technology website, direct link here.



As part of our commitment to ensure that families are knowledgeable and and able to navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in today's digital age, we would like to ensure the following resources are available:

Wide Open Schools (PreK - 5)

Explore a balanced daily schedule for online learning among many other resources for parents and families.


Wide Open Schools (6 - 12)

Explore a balanced daily schedule for online learning among many other resources for parents and families.


Common Sense Education Family Media Agreement

Consider reviewing and committing to an agreement with your child concerning media and digital citizenship.






Get equipped to guide your child in today's digital world by attending a district presentation on Digital Citizenship. Presentations cover the Common Sense Curriculum that students are guided through as well as a number of other topics including: Learning with Technology, Cyberbullying, Digital Drama, Media, Gaming, and Mental Health.

Please contact your school site for upcoming scheduled family presentation nights.

The following is a message that is presented to promote our culture of Digital Citizenship within Orange Unified. 

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