Parent Organizations

Parent Involvement

Esplanade staff is very proud of its instructional program. You are welcomed and encouraged to take part in our parent organizations and volunteer in your child’s classroom. Please feel free to offer any time, energy, and talents you have available. Making a connection between the school and the home will show your child that you believe education is important. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please contact your child's teacher and the office staff can provide you information regarding registration requirements as required by OUSD.

To Be a Successful Parent Volunteer, please:

  • Be punctual and consistent. If you are not able to come at your scheduled time, please call the office or send a note with your child.
  • Check in at the office.
  • Please leave siblings at home.
  • Remember instructional time is always occurring in the classroom. Do not interrupt lessons or engage the teacher in conversations during class time.
  • Respect confidentiality.

Thank you! Your help is greatly appreciated!!