Esplanade Elementary School

Parent/Student Handbook


Welcome to Esplanade Elementary School.  Esplanade offers a blended learning environment with both traditional teacher directed lessons and technology enhanced curriculum using online digital media.  Students will construct knowledge, while classrooms provide an environment that fosters curiosity to explore and experiment while mastering basic skills and concepts.  Esplanade is committed to providing a safe environment that promotes a climate of caring, respect and personal responsibility.

This handbook has been prepared to provide information about policies and procedures at Esplanade Elementary School, as well as to communicate to parents and students the standards and behavior expectations we have of all our students while at school.  Working together, parents and Esplanade staff, we will create a safe, positive learning environment for our students.

Please keep this handbook in a convenient place, as this information will be helpful throughout the year.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office at (714) 997-6157.  Additional information about school policies can be found in the OUSD Parent/Student Handbook on the OUSD website under Parents and Information.

On behalf of the teachers and support staff, we would like to extend an invitation for you to visit Esplanade Elementary School and become an active member of our school community.  We look forward to having you and your child at Esplanade Elementary School.



Esplanade Elementary School, in partnership with parents and community, is committed to providing a quality educational program that enables all students to develop to their fullest potential in a safe educational environment.




1.      Students behave in a manner that does not disrupt or interfere with the rights of others.

2.      Students keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.

3.      Students use only kind words towards others.  No statements that make fun of a person’s name, appearance, or abilities are allowed.



1.      Students are not to bring any weapon (gun, knife, martial arts instrument) bullets, or explosive to school or to school-sponsored activities under any circumstance.

2.      Esplanade and O.U.S.D. have zero tolerance for any type of weapon therefore; any student who brings a weapon to school will be automatically recommended for expulsion, and may be subject to arrest.

3.      Fighting, wrestling, or martial arts displays, whether real or fake, are not allowed. Students are to notify the yard duty teacher or noon supervisor if someone is hurt.

4.      Students must use common sense - if you think there is a chance you or someone else may get hurt, “Don’t do it!”

5.      There is no throwing of rocks, sand, sticks and/or other harmful objects.



1.      Students are responsible for their actions to and from school.  Fighting, teasing, bullying and vandalism are not tolerated.

2.      Students walk on the sidewalks, cross at crosswalks and intersections, and respect private property.

3.      Students follow the directions of the crossing guards.

4.      Students who ride bicycles must follow Bike Safety Rules.



For the safety of ALL children, district policy prohibits bringing pets or other animals on school grounds without prior written permission by the teacher and/or principal. This includes small, “toy” sized pets. If pets follow students to school and/or enter the premises during the school day, appropriate authorities will be contacted.



Regular school attendance is mandatory.  Excessive absences and/or tardies interfere with the student’s learning and with the instructional program in the classroom. Our goal is to ensure that each student receives a quality, consistent education. Please avoid scheduling vacations or doctor’s appointments when school is in session. Such absences represent lost instructional and cannot be made up.

It is the parent’s responsibility to see that their child arrives to class on time each day. Tardiness to school is unacceptable.  Tardiness disrupts the learning process and infringes on the rights of those who are prompt to class.  Students are expected to be in their seats with the proper materials, ready to work when the bell rings.  Those who are not will be considered tardy.  Excessive absences and tardies will result in an attendance contract through the Student Attendance Review Team (SART) and may be reported to the School Attendance and Review Board (SARB), which will be held at the Orange Police Department Offices.     

Student absences must be verified.  Parents must call the school attendance line at (714) 628-4444 before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the child’s absence, and every day after in which the child is not at school.

 Children are to arrive at their classroom prior to the instructional start time indicated on Esplanade Elementary’s bell schedule.  If a student arrives after the instructional start time, he/she must report to the office to receive a tardy slip before being admitted into class.

  • School attendance is vital to school success, but children should not be sent to school if they have had a fever of 100° or more or are vomiting.
  • Parents can call the main office to request missed work for excused absences. The work will be available for pickup within 24 hours. Giving advance notice is required as teachers are not able to collect work for absent students during instructional time.
  • A parent or guardian may call the attendance line at (714) 628-4444 to report absences. If parent/guardian is unable to call, a note, signed and dated by the parent, must be sent on the day of return to school.
  • An absence must be cleared with a note or a call within 3 school days or it will be considered an unexcused absence.
  • Excessive absences, truancies or tardiness may result in a referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).
  • Once a student has accumulated 14 days of absence, the District has the right to request a physician’s note.  Failure to produce a physician’s note will result in an unexcused absence.
  • When absent, students are required to make up missed work in order to maintain satisfactory grades. Students have the same number of days to complete make-up work as the number of days of excused absences.  Students are not able to make up work for unexcused absences (BP 5113)
  • If your child must leave during the school day, you must sign him/her out in the office.  Students will only be released to individuals over the age of 18 who are listed on the emergency card.  A legal photo identification is required.



Part of Esplanade’s positive behavior system involves recognition of students for a variety achievements.  Student awards are recognized at our scheduled award assemblies at the end of each trimester. Awards may also be given in the classroom for progress in curriculum.  Each teacher has his/her own positive reinforcement system in his or her classroom.  This may include: encouragement and praise, positive phone calls home, reward recesses, special class activities, and awards or certificates.  

  • Presidential Academic Awards – for 6th grade students – These awards are given on behalf of the U.S. Secretary of Education in June at the promotion ceremony.  Sixth grade students’ must have an overall GPA of 3.5 or greater in fourth through sixth grade, and students must have an advanced score in either a math or English language arts on a State assessment or other normed assessment such as reading or math inventory.
  • Honor Roll (A’s and B’s) and Principal’s Honor Roll  (all A’s) are given at trimester award assemblies to students in grades 4 – 6. No N's or U's are allowed for either of these awards to be earned.
  • Academic and Citizenship awards are chosen by classroom teachers and awarded to students at trimester award assemblies
  • Perfect Attendance certificates are awarded to students that have been present at school every day of the trimester/year, arrived on time, and did not leave early for any reason. 



This night is provided for the parents during the first month students return to school.  It is not a time to conduct a parent/teacher conference.  Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and receive general information about the classroom routine, including the class homework requirements, discipline plan, and the grade-level curriculum.



Students in grades 4-6 may ride their bikes to school.  Bikes must be locked while parked in the school bike racks located next to the office.  Two bikes may not be locked together.  California law requires bicycle riders to wear safety helmets while riding a bicycle.  The school is not responsible for lost or damaged bicycles or helmets.  Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, and skates are not considered to be safe transportation to and from school and are not to be used for that purpose.  Children and adults are expected to follow all traffic safety laws when traveling to and from school.  Students must walk their bicycle once they enter the school parking lot.



California law (Ed Code §32261, §48900(a)(1), §48900(r)), District board policy (BP 5131), and our schools rules protect Esplanade’s students against bullying and/or cyberbullying.

Bullying is defined as intentionally aggressive behavior that can take many forms (verbal, physical, social, emotional, or cyber - or any combination of these); it involves an imbalance of power, and is repeated over time. The bullying can consist of one child bullying another or a group of children against one lone child.

Student’s responsibility:

I commit that I will not bully my peers.  When I witness bullying, I will report it to an adult.

Parent/Guardian’s responsibility:

I commit to encouraging my child to always respect others. I have instructed my child not to engage in bullying behavior.  I have advised my child to report any bullying to the authorities.

We understand that bullying will result in predictable and escalating consequences.

The consequences for bullying behavior is as follows:

1st Offense: Investigation by administration, verbal warning, counseling, parent contact

2nd Offense:  Probable suspension (1 to 5 days, depending upon severity); parent can be required to attend a portion of the school day in his/her child’s classroom (§48900.1(a))

3rd Offense: Automatic suspension; possible referral to placement hearing for transfer to an alternative program (BP 5131(b), Ed Code cited above, §48900.4).

Any severe situation will result in a student being sent immediately to the office.  Severe behaviors may lead to more serious consequences according to District policies.  If the student has broken the law, the administration will inform the police.



Students are not allowed to buy or sell any item from or to another student while coming to school, at school, leaving school or at any school-sponsored function.



School phones are reserved for emergency requests. We receive a number of requests from students to use the phones, often to confirm arrangements for going home.  Please be sure your child understands the arrangements for the day before leaving school.

Esplanade Elementary recognizes that many parents feel more comfortable when their children have a way of communicating with them before and after school. To maintain an academic environment and to ensure your child’s safety, students with cell phones are required to turn them off and leave them in their backpacks during the school day. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices. Students are NOT permitted to have phones in the classroom or with them outside during recess. Students are NOT permitted to use cell phones before or after school while they are on campus. Students who do not adhere to these guidelines will be subject to the following consequences:

1st Offense: The phone will be given to the teacher or principal. The student may pick up the phone at the end of the school day and will be reminded of Esplanade’s policy as well as future consequences.

2nd Offense: The phone will be given to the principal. A parent or guardian will need to come to the school to retrieve the phone from the office.

Final Offense: The phone will be given to the principal. The phone will be returned to a parent or guardian during a parent conference. The student will not be permitted to have a cell phone at school.

*Students caught using a cell phone in any way without permission (texting, taking pictures, using apps, checking the time, etc.) will automatically receive the “2nd Offense” consequence.



Elementary parent/teacher conferences are scheduled during the first trimester.  Parents may however request a conference at any time during the school year by making arrangements with the teacher or calling the school office.  Teachers are typically available for conferences before and after school.  



Classroom interruptions have a negative impact on learning, therefore we ask for your cooperation with the following:

  • Classroom instructional time will not be interrupted with messages; all messages will be written and placed in the teacher’s mailbox.
  • Forgotten lunches, homework, projects, books, jackets, musical instruments, etc., which are brought to school after the start of instruction must be brought to the office. Office staff will not interrupt instruction to notify students of the items dropped off for them. A note will be placed in the teacher’s box and office staff will try to help with reminders, but it is the student’s responsibility to retrieve items. 



Esplanade Elementary has a complete disaster plan that will ensure the best possible care and security for your child in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  In addition to monthly fire drills, we practice our disaster and lockdown drill procedures periodically.  The students and staff go through all the steps that we might encounter in a disaster situation.

If an emergency or disaster occurs at Esplanade, we will initiate these steps:

1.      All students are trained in “duck and cover” procedures should the situation warrant it.

2.   After the immediate danger is over, evacuation of the building may be in order.

Should this become necessary, students will evacuate to their specified class location.

3.   A Student Accountability Report is taken immediately and the information is relayed to the site Command Center.  

4.   Each teacher has an emergency backpack containing necessary supplies to assist students with injuries.

5.   The Command Center will follow through with the school’s disaster plan.  

Each OUSD school is equipped with a battery powered two-way radio that will be used to contact the District Emergency Operations Center to report their disposition and to request any additional aid and supplies.  

In the event of an emergency in which parents are requested to pick up their children, parents should report with identification to the front gate next to the office. Students will be kept on campus, or at a safe alternative location until released to parents or known adults.  Students will only be released to their parent or to adults listed on the Disaster Release form. Should the students need to be evacuated to another site, school personnel will be available to direct parents.  No student will be left unattended at school at any time!  A copy of the Esplanade Elementary Disaster Plan is available for review in the school office.



All children have equal rights to an education in a safe, nurturing and orderly environment.  Each child will be treated with respect and dignity.  Fair and consistent rules have been established at Esplanade Elementary to maintain a consistent learning environment for all stakeholders. Esplanade staff has implemented a school-wide Positive Behavior System that communicates to all students to remember three guiding principles - Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe.  

All teachers have a plan for behavior management in their classroom. This plan includes both positive and negative consequences. In the event a discipline issue arises, each issue will be investigated and considered individually. Factors considered in determining appropriate action may include the severity of the behavior and a student’s prior discipline record. Behaviors can be classified as either minor or major infractions.

Minor Infractions may include:

  • Incomplete Assignments
  • Disputes over rules/equipment
  • Not raising hand/calling out
  • Playing in/mistreating the restroom
  • Leaving room without permission
  • Not freezing - whistle/warning bell
  • Talking during instruction/quiet time
  • Leaving trash/food in the lunch area
  • Electronic/Technology Misuse
  • Not minding the duty teacher/supervisor
  • Not working cooperatively with others
  • Profanity – word/gestures


Minor infractions may result in the following consequences:

  • Verbal warning
  • Counseling (helping a student work through the problem behavior and consequences for the future)
  • Phone call, note, or discipline referral sent home
  • Parent-Teacher conference
  • Community Service in school
  • Behavior contract
  • Time out in another classroom for a limited amount of time
  • Loss of privilege or participation in special school activity

***3 of the same minor behaviors indicate a pattern and can be considered one major transgression.  Teacher will talk to the parent, will send a Discipline Referral home to be returned with a parent signature, and the behavior will be recorded in the Student Discipline Log

 Major infractions may include:

  • Deliberate personal harm
  • Weapons/dangerous objects or Drugs
  • Defiance/refusal to follow directions
  • Destruction of property
  • Threatening physical harm
  • Cheating
  • Hostile disrespect to adults
  • Stealing
  • Fighting/Physical Aggression
  • Harassment/Bullying


Major Infractions may result in the following:

  • Removal from class or playground
  • Referral to a School Support Team to work on a behavior modification plan
  • Administrator/Parent/Teacher/Student Conference
  • Research report to investigate the problem and consequences of behavior
  • Confiscation of materials
  • Loss of school privilege or special event
  • Behavior Support Plan/Contract
  • Parent to attend school with student
  • In-house suspension
  • Suspension from school
  • District discipline placement referral



Emergency cards should be completed and returned to school within the first week of school. For your child’s safety, it is vital that the information on the card be updated when changes occur. Contact the school immediately when there is a change in telephone numbers or address.

Emergency Contacts: Please list local people with correct telephone numbers as emergency contacts. A very sick or injured child cannot wait 30-60 minutes to be picked up from school. NOTE: Children cannot be released to individuals who are not listed on the emergency cards.



Esplanade uses field trips as an extension of classroom learning.  Field trips are specifically chosen to compliment the class curriculum and meet the California State Standards.  A notice/consent form will be sent home for each field trip.  Students will not be allowed to attend a field trip unless the parent/guardian has signed the consent form and returned it to the teacher.  Parents are occasionally invited to accompany their child’s class on a field trip to assist in the supervision of students.  For parents attending a field trip, no other children may accompany you.  No student will be excluded due to financial hardship; however, lack of ability to collect sufficient funds for a field trip may constitute the trip being cancelled for the entire class/grade level.



Fundraisers are important for the start-up and continuation of many school programs and activities at Esplanade Elementary.  The funds generated by Esplanade’s Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) is put directly toward supporting school programs and the purchase of school equipment. All fundraising events are determined and approved by the principal.  Some specific school fundraisers allow for individual students in grades 4-6 to earn funds to be put toward Outdoor Education.  Funds raised by students in grades K-3 that participate in the fundraising will go into the general student body account. All money raised by an individual student stays in the student’s account until they are in 6th grade.  Once the student promotes, if they have a younger sibling entering 4th through 6th grade, and there is $20.00 or more in the account, the funds can be moved to the younger sibling’s account.  The balance of the money will go into the general student body account.  If an Esplanade family changes schools within OUSD, they can request that the money they earned by fundraising for Outdoor Education be transferred to their new school within OUSD.  Funds can only be transferred within OUSD for Outdoor Education.  If the student moves outside of OUSD, the money remains at Esplanade. Sixth grade individual student fundraising will be cut off once the Outdoor Education trip has occurred during the student’s 6th grade year.  All money earned after that date for 6th grade students will go into the general student body account.




The school cannot administer medicine without the appropriate forms completed by both the parent and doctor (Ed Code 49423).  Forms may be obtained from the school’s Health Clerk.  Medication taken at school must be properly labeled with original prescription labels and with child’s name, type of medication, and the dosage.  Medication may only be taken in the school health office.  Students may not bring medication of any kind (including aspirin, inhalers, etc.) to school.  All Parents must sign an authorization form for over the counter products to be administered by Esplanade personnel. This form must be turned in for every student at the beginning of each school year.


If your child is seriously injured at school, we will call you immediately.  If you cannot be reached, we will contact the emergency number listed on your child’s Emergency Card.  In case of an accident requiring medical attention, we will call paramedics and will make every attempt to contact parents/guardians. For this reason it is imperative that you inform the office immediately if there is a change in address or telephone numbers.

Health Services

Once a year, the school district provides vision and hearing screening for all Kindergarten, 1st grade boys, and 5th grade students.  Parents will be notified of findings for referral to the family’s own physician.


Please inform the office of any special health concerns. Esplanade has a health clerk who is trained in first aid procedures but is not qualified to diagnose or treat health problems. For this reason, sick children must be picked up at school and parents must determine the correct course of action. A child who is vomiting or has a fever above 99 degrees will be sent home and may not return to school for 24 hours after the vomiting has stopped or body temperature has returned to normal.



We, the teachers and administration of Esplanade Elementary School join with the OUSD Board of Education in acknowledging the role homework plays in a student’s education.  Its primary purpose is that through completing homework, students can reinforce academic skills taught in school and learn how to conduct research effectively, develop ideas creatively and become life-long learners. Regular homework activities should promote the development of skills and provide students with the opportunity to grow academically.  Students, teachers and parents each have essential roles with respect to homework.  Teachers should design assignments so that homework plays the crucial role mentioned above.  The responsibility of the student is to complete all homework, develop regular study and work habits, and do most assignments independently or in cooperation with others when directed by the teacher.  Parents may be involved to provide assistance and structure without diminishing the student’s sense of responsibility.  Parents are also a valuable resource for their child’s learning through monitoring homework completion.

Parents or guardians can do much to encourage homework success:

  • Set a regular study time each day that is not to be interrupted by family plans, extracurricular activities, computer/tablet, or television time
  • Establish a study area, away from household distractions, with good light and space
  • Have the students organize school materials: study notes, assignments, books, backpacks
  • Check student agenda, Parent/Student Portal, or teacher PowerSchool or Edmodo websites to monitor progress
  • Help the student work to find the answer rather than doing the work just to get it done
  • Be supportive when students get frustrated without doing the work for them

Homework must always be completed, even if the teacher does not grade late work

Research has shown that students who do homework are more successful than students who do not do homework.  Together, as a team, we can work together to ensure that your child succeeds to the best of his or her ability at Esplanade.  If students are managing their time well, but homework is taking too long, please notify the teacher to discuss possible solutions.



Excused Absence - According to the Calif. Ed. Code 46010 and 48205. A student absent from school under this section shall be allowed to complete all assignments and tests missed during the absence.  Upon satisfactory completion, the student shall be given full credit earned.  The tests and assignments shall be reasonably equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, the tests and assignments that the student missed during the absence. The student has one extra day per each day absent to complete any missed assignments upon returning to school.

Unexcused Absence - Calif. Ed. Code 48913: The teacher of any class from which a student is suspended will decide whether or not the pupil will be allowed to complete any assignments and tests missed during the absence.

***At times, there are emergency circumstances in life that are out of our control.  If an emergency family situation arises, please notify the teacher before the assignment is due so that arrangements can be made.



  • Students use quiet voices.
  • Students are not to run or play in the library.
  • Students are not to eat in the library.  Hands should be clean before handling the books.  
  • Students are to treat the books and library equipment with care and respect.
  • Students are responsible for the books they check out and must return them on time.  A student who does not turn their books in on time will not be allowed to check out new ones until the other books are returned.
  • The student or parent must pay for lost or damaged books at cost so that they may be replaced.  
  • Students must be accompanied by a parent before and after school.



Throughout the school year, we accumulate a large number of sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and lunch boxes.  We urge parents to label everything with your child’s first and last name that is sent to school. Items that are labeled are easier to locate when they are put in the Lost and Found.  If your child is missing any of these articles, please visit the lost and found container located next to room 51. Small items such as glasses, retainers, jewelry, and more valuable items such as musical instruments are placed in the front office.  Unclaimed items are donated to charities.



Esplanade is part of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).  All students are eligible to receive free lunch and free breakfast each school day, regardless of a family's income.  

  • An eligibility form will be sent home to each family at the beginning of each school year.  OUSD lunch applications for free or reduced price lunches only need to be submitted to OUSD if families have children attending non-CEP schools.  If you are submitting a lunch application for a child that does not attend Esplanade, remember to include all members of your household on the application, including your Esplanade children.  

Lunches brought by parents will not be delivered to students by office staff.  Parent must advise their student to come to the office during recess or lunch to pick up their lunch from the lunch cart.  Facilities are not available for students to heat lunches.


  1. All students are expected to follow the procedures arranged for securing hot lunches and/or milk.
  2. Students use appropriate manners and remain in their seats until they are excused.
  3. Students are to eat their own food, no sharing is permitted.
  4. Students will not be dismissed from the lunch area until their table and area is cleaned.
  5. Students are to place their trash in the trashcans before leaving the lunch area.
  6. If a student needs to leave the lunch area before the regular dismissal time, he/she must get permission.  



Except in emergencies, students are to have an office pass from the teacher or supervisor giving them permission to enter the office.  Students who need help at recess time should ask the teacher on duty.  Students should not enter office without permission from teacher or supervisor.  The office telephone is used only with permission of the teacher or staff and is for emergencies only.



This night is provided for your children to share their accomplishments in the classroom.  The entire family is invited to attend. This is not a time to discuss your student’s academic progress.  Please set up an individual teacher conference to discuss your student with the teacher.



This program is available to all Esplanade sixth graders and their teachers.  It is a residential camp that Esplanade students can attend to study forestry, geology, astronomy and ecology.  Emphasis is placed on cooperative group study and hands-on exploration.



Parent Teacher Association (PTA):  PTA is open to all parents (Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Guardians), and is a good place to start if you want to become involved with school activities.  The purpose of the Esplanade PTA is to provide a strong link between the school and the home and to provide an avenue for parents to become involved in the progress and concerns of the school. PTA works to assist teachers in the classroom, sponsor assemblies and special enrichment programs, and plan activities to raise funds for extra materials, equipment and field trips not otherwise provided by the school district, as well as to furnish volunteers for our school functions. We encourage all parents and staff members to join the PTA.


English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC):  ELAC is a group of parents that meet to advise the Principal and School Site Council on development of services for English learners. The ELAC is not a decision making body, but it is the voice of the English learner community. The ELAC assists in the development of the school’s needs assessment as a representative on the District English Learner Advisory Committee.  Children benefit by ELAC as their parents’ thoughts and ideas are voiced to the School Site Council, resulting in an impact on school decisions. Parents will be empowered by trainings they will receive as well as the develop the ability to speak out for their families.


School Site Council:  The council is made up of parents, teachers, staff and principal.  The School Site Council establishes and reviews the school plan, approves the budget each year and reviews the implementation and effectiveness of school programs. Nominations for the School Site Council are accepted in the School Office in the fall. School Site Council is an excellent opportunity for parents to be part of the decision making process that drives Esplanade’s programs offered to students.



Approximately 400 students arrive and leave Esplanade, and all of them enter and exit from the parking lot. It is essential that you use caution and remember to work together to ensure that all children arrive and leave school safely.

  • All cars MUST park in the available spaces in the parking lot.  If you will be leaving your car for any amount of time, please park in a parking space.  Do NOT leave your car in the drop off lane (painted yellow) or in emergency/fire lanes (painted red). Esplanade has a large lot and cars parked in the drop off area or in front of the trash containment area make it difficult for cars to enter the parking lot, decrease visibility, and you also risk getting a costly ticket.
  • The bus area is to be used for busses only, no parent drop off/pick up.
  •  When dropping off/picking up students, pull your car as far forward as possible and be ready to move as cars in front of you leave so that cars can continually enter the parking lot.
  • When dropping off/picking up students at the curb, students should enter/exit the car from the sidewalk/curb area.  Students should not enter the street.
  • Parents and students walking to the parking lot must use the designated crosswalk.
  • When exiting the parking lot during drop off and pick up, please only make a right turn onto Esplanade. Waiting to be able to make a left turn onto Esplanade creates a traffic jam.

If everyone follows these procedures, traffic will move much more quickly and the safety of Esplanade’s children will be ensured.



Student school pictures as well as class pictures are taken at the beginning of the school year.  Parents also have the opportunity to have their child photographed in early spring.  Notification of Picture Day will be sent home in advance.  Purchase of school pictures is optional.  Students will be allowed to wear non-uniform clothes on picture day.  Please see free dress guidelines in Uniform Guidelines.




  1. Students are to sit on the swing seat.  No kneeling or standing.
  2. Only one student on a swing at a time.
  3. Each student will be allowed 25 full swings (one up and back motion) if someone is waiting in line.
  4. The student waiting for the swing will do the counting.
  5. Students are not permitted to jump off the swing at any time.

Low Bar and Chinning Bars

  1. The Low Bar is designed for spinning only.
  2. Keep both hands on the bar at all times.
  3. Standing and “death drops/cherry drops” are not permitted.
  4. Students are not permitted to sit on the Chinning Bars.

Monkey Bars

  1. Students begin at one end and travel to the other end and drop off.
  2. There is no sitting on the structure or hanging by one’s legs.


  1. Only one student is to be on the slide at a time.
  2. No student is to climb up the slide.  The ladder is the only way up.
  3. When sliding, the student must be seated in a forward position.


  1. Students are to hit the ball with their hand or fist.
  2. “Ropies” - swinging or grabbing the tetherball by the rope - are not allowed.
  3. Students are not to sit on the tetherball.

Handball Wall

  1. Handball is the only activity that the ball wall may be used for.  
  2. When playing handball, everyone is all in (max 8 players).
  3. The ball should be hit with a closed fist or two fists together.
  4. The ball should hit the ground one time and then hit the wall.  If it bounces twice (a “double”), the person is out.
  5. When the ball comes back from the wall and hits the ground twice, the person closest to the ball on the second bounce is out.
  6. A person is out if a ball bullets (the ball hits the wall without bouncing on the ground).
  7. Single pops are ok (the ball hits the corner-between the wall and the floor without bouncing first).     Double pops are out (the ball hitting the corner of the ball and floor after bouncing once).
  8. If a ball goes “out” (outside the sides of the court) and someone tries to hit it and misses, that person is out.
  9. Anyone not in the game should not touch the ball for any reason.
  10. The handball is to NEVER be kicked or head butted.


  1. Students must always be in areas where there is a supervisor.  Students are not to leave the playground to go back to their classroom, library, office, etc. without permission.
  2. Upper grade field – students may use the field between the blacktop and the first goal post. Students are not to go past the first goal post.


  1. Students should use school-supplied equipment.  Permission to bring personal play items should be obtained from the classroom teacher.  The responsibility for any personally owned equipment brought to school rests with the student.
  2. All games are open to all students, regardless of the ownership of the equipment used.
  3. Students may only kick balls when playing kickball or soccer.
  4. Balls and other playground equipment are used only in designated areas.
  5. Bats are used only on the softball diamonds under the direct supervision of a teacher during scheduled P.E. time.  Footballs are used under the same conditions.
  6. Balls are to be bounced only against BALL WALL, not on bricks or building walls.



  1. Students are to stop playing immediately when the bell rings and freeze.  Students are to walk to their class line after whistle has blown, holding all equipment.  
  2. Students get drinks and go to the bathroom before the bell rings at the end of recess.
  3. Students must get permission from the teacher on duty or the noon supervisor to come to the office.
  4. Students walk on the blacktop at all times.  Running is allowed on the grass area next to playground only.
  5. Items left out on the playground are turned into the lost and found after the recess bell rings.
  6. Students keep the school grounds clean by putting all litter in the trashcans.
  8. Electronic devices, toys, and other such items ARE NOT ALLOWEED DURING SCHOOL.  Cell phones and other electronics that are used during school hours will be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent.  
  9. A student only has one place in line.  If he or she gives someone the place in front or in back, he or she goes to the end of the line
  10. Students are not to sit, swing, or stand on any walls, rails or fences, on water fountains, or in any trees while at school.
  11. Students are to stay in their designated grade-level play areas.



Report cards are issued three (3) times throughout the year for elementary students. They will indicate both academic and effort grades for the student.  Elementary students’ parents attend a parent/teacher conference, and a Parent-Teacher Conference Summary form is used to record the student’s strengths and needs, along with an assistance plan for school and home.  Parents can check student achievement in grades 3 through 6 by logging on to the parent portal.



  1. The restrooms are for the purpose of using the toilet and washing only.
  2. Students are to wait their turn and respect the privacy of others.
  3. Students are to keep hands, feet and objects to themselves
  4. Students are to use the toilet, flush it, wash their hands, and leave.
  5. There is no playing or socializing in or around the restrooms.
  6. Students are responsible for keeping the school restrooms clean and orderly.
  7. Students are to use their grade-level restrooms only.
  8. Students are to use the restroom before school, at recess and during lunch
  9. Any student who defaces restrooms in any grade is subject to suspension or expulsion from Esplanade.
  10. Students are to report vandalism to their teacher or the office.



Electronics (including iPods, iPads, gaming devices, etc.) and other valuables are not permitted at school due to theft and safety. Personal play equipment such as toys, balls, games, etc. should not be brought to school, unless special permission has been granted by the teacher or administration.

Please clearly label all lunch boxes, jackets, sweaters, and other articles of clothing with your child’s name. Any unclaimed clothing in the lost and found will be given to charity.



Article IX, Section 5 of the California Constitution states:  “The Legislature shall provide for a system of common schools by which a free school shall be kept up and supported in each district.”  In Hartzell v. Connell, 35 Cal.3d.899, 913 (1984), the Supreme Court of California unambiguously held that this provision prohibits public school from charging mandatory fees for educational activities.  Id. at 911.  The courts concluded that educational activities include both curricular and extracurricular activities.  The Court flatly rejected the argument that a fee-waiver policy that allowed for schools to charge fees for educational activities: “Educational opportunities must be provided to all students without regard to their families’ ability or willingness to pay fees or request special waivers.” Id. at 913. Thus, whenever a public school offers a curricular or extracurricular program to students, the California Constitution requires that the school provide all materials, supplies, and equipment—whether they are necessary or supplementary to the program – to students free of charge.

The constitutional prohibition against requiring public school students to pay fees or purchase materials for educational activities is codified in Education Code 60070, which prohibits school officials from requiring students to purchase instructional materials, and reinforced by Title 5, Section 350 of the California Code of Regulations, which prohibits schools from requiring students to pay any fee, deposit or other charge not specifically authorized by law.  Public schools may solicit and accept donations from parents or the broader community, so long as the fundraising program is voluntary and contributing is not a requirement for participating in an educational activity.



A safe and disciplined learning environment is a major component of a good school.  Young people who are safe and secure will be better able to learn essentials of good citizenship and be better students.  Uniform Guideline Reminders will be sent home with students who do not follow our school uniform policy.  Student loaner uniforms are available to students who are out of uniform or students can call their parents in the office to have them bring a uniform to school.  If there is a financial hardship or any way our staff can assist you in the purchase of uniforms, please let our community liaison know.

Uniform shirts with Esplanade’s logo may be purchased from the office. Uniform bottoms and plain uniform shirts can be purchased from any store. Stores that carry school designated uniforms include American Casual, Dennis Uniform, J.J. Fashions, Target, Wal-Mart, JC Penney’s, etc.

Wednesday’s are designated as “College Wednesday.” Students may wear clothing bearing a college logo in lieu of a uniform shirt on Wednesdays only.   


Uniform Tops

Polo Shirts

Navy Blue

Light Blue



Solid navy blue, light blue, gray, or white. No Other Colors.

Uniform tops must be size appropriate. Garments that are too tight, revealing, or allow underclothing to show are not allowed.
School Team and Special Event Shirts are allowed on Fridays ONLY.


Heavy Jackets
Raincoats and Headwear

Navy Blue


May NOT have a logo other than Esplanade
Sweatshirts/sweaters may be worn in the classroom.

Jackets, Raincoats and headwear are for cold weather and are to be only outside.

Uniform Bottoms

Long Pants

Navy Blue

Shorts or Skorts/Skirts
shorter than mid-thigh
are prohibited
(OUSD #AR5132)

"Uniform line" garments from uniform stores.

Leggings are NOT to be worn as pants.

 Uniform pants must be size appropriate and worn at the waistline and the crotch.  They must be hemmed and may not have any holes or tears.  Garments that are too tight, revealing, or allow underclothing to show are not allowed.  Must be loose fitting.

Shorts and skorts should reach mid-thigh, or MUST reach your fingertips.


Uniform undergarment layering is allowed for warmth, coverage & comfort.  Undergarments should not be visible below the uniform shirts.


Shoes must be worn at all times.  Shoes should be flat, closed-toes and without wheels.  Shoes should not have slippery soles or come off the student's feet while running or playing.




For the purpose of sun protection when outside, hats cannot be worn inside the classroom.  Plain navy, gray, or white.  NO LOGOS of any kind.


Belts may be worn as needed.  No chain, studded or initialed belts are allowed.


Hair must be clean and neatly groomed.  Hair designs that cause undue attention or distract from the educational environment are not allowed.  Hair must be natural tones only.


Jewelry accessories that are considered dangerous should not be worn.  No wallet chains allowed. Students are not permitted to wear "pierced" jewelry anywhere on their face except for their ears.  Make-up is not allowed.

Free Dress

Free Dress wear on designated days must be appropriate size and length as stated above.  No tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorts/skirts shorter than mid-thigh, torn clothing or bare midriffs.  Must have close-toed shoes.





Consequences for Uniform Violations

1st Offense

Warning and Reminder Notice Signed by Parent

2nd Offense

Detention or Loss of Privilege; Parent Notified

3rd Offense

Detention, Parent Conference, and Possible Suspension



For the safety of all students, all volunteers working with students must complete paperwork and provide a copy of a government issued ID as per District policies.  All visitors/volunteers must check in to the office to sign in and receive a visitor sticker.  The visitor sticker must be worn at all times when on school grounds. Please refrain from using the teacher’s lounge/workroom during teacher breaks.

In order to effectively manage students during recess and lunch and to ensure their safety, our campus is closed to visitors on our playground.  Should you have a special request to visit your student during recess or lunch, you will need to notify administration.

If you wish to observe a class, please contact the teacher or principal at least one day in advance to arrange a time to observe. We ask that you limit each visit to a maximum of 20 minutes to minimize disruption to instruction. If you have questions or wish to conference with a teacher when you visit, please arrange for an appointment outside of school hours. Teachers cannot hold meetings during instructional time.

Children who are not enrolled at Esplanade may not visit classes during instruction.