Back-to-School Registration

Great to have you and your student(s) back to school at Orange Unified!

Registration for your child’s new school year begins with an EASY, ONLINE process!

In July and August, before the first day of school, parents will see a banner on their Parent Portal account that says, “Data Not Confirmed.” Parents are required to review annual notifications and update student information by clicking on the banner. Completing this process creates the student’s Emergency Card for the new school year. The new Emergency Card is required for back-to-school registration.

Click Here to Confirm Your Student's Data


Once you login to your Parent Portal account

  • Update telephone numbers for parents and emergency contacts, provide updated student health conditions and print age-appropriate required health forms.
  • Complete a residence survey (for possible McKinney Vento qualification) and identify whether or not parent/guardian is Active in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Authorize or Decline Emergency Medical Treatment, Internet Use and Photo Release.
  • Acknowledge annual notifications regarding the Parent/Pupil Handbook, eDocs Program, Human Reproduction Education (secondary schools only), Myers-Stevens Student Insurance and the Native American Program. Program information and forms can be printed for parent use. Directions are included.
  • Print and sign the Over the Counter Products Authorization Form and submit to the school at Back to School Registration.

When you complete the Data Confirmation process, print, sign and date the Final Confirmation, called the New Emergency Card. Emergency Card is required for Registration.


Visit your school’s website for Registration dates and details to complete the Registration process:


If you do not have a Parent Portal Account, please print and complete the Parent Portal form. Take the form to your school office, with your identification. Your school will activate a Parent Portal account for you.


Parent Portal Agreement Form


*Please Note that Parent Portal Data Confirmation does NOT include:
  • Change of Address – need current utility bill or Residence Verification form
  • Change of Email Address – need new Parent Portal form
  • Change of Parent/Guardian – need court order, caregiver form, or other
  • Court Orders – need copy of most current restraining, custody, or other
  • Name Change – need legal docs or OUSD form
  • Delete an Emergency Contact

 These changes require the parent/guardian to visit the school office, with identification and the appropriate documents.


Thank you for continuing to be part of the OUSD family! 
We hope your child has a great school year!

Additional Information

Bus Pass

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Child Care

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Free/Reduced Lunch

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Parent Portal Data Confirmation Documents and Authorizations

For Kinder & 1st Grade Only:
K/1st Grade Physical Exam Requirements Printed Form REQUIRED
Physician’s Health Exam for School Entry Parents: Confirm Info Received


For TK Through Grade 12:
Physician’s Oral Assessment for School Entry Parents: Confirm Info Received
Over the Counter Products Authorization Form Printed Form REQUIRED
Student Health Inventory    Online Update Required
Residence Survey   Answers Record in Aeries for Staff to Review
E-Docs Printed Form Required to Enroll in Program
Parent/Pupil Handbook Parents: Confirm Info Received
Student Injuries and Insurance Letter  Parents: Confirm Info Received
Native American Info/Form  Printed Form, IF APPLICABLE

Human Reproduction Education

Secondary Schools ONLY  

Parents: Confirm Info Received

Letter Required to Opt-Out

Medical Emergency Treatment     YES or NO Confirmation
Internet Use YES or NO Confirmation
Photo Release YES or NO Confirmation
Community Eligibility Provision Form Printed Form REQUIRED for Students Attending California, Esplanade, Handy, Taft & Yorba ONLY