OUSD Enrollment Process for
2020-21 School Year During School Closure

Welcome to Orange Unified!

To enroll your child for the 2020-21 school year during school closure, please follow the instructions below AND contact your school office in August. School staff will answer any questions you have and give you instructions on how to complete the enrollment process as soon as the school office opens.

Please contact the office of Student & Community Services at 714-628-5424 if you have any questions about the enrollment process.


2020-21 New Students that Pre-Enrolled BEFORE the Summer Break:

Admission to class in August will be delayed if all enrollment paperwork has not been completed, signed and submitted to the school office.

Click Here for School List and Contact Information


To identify your School of Residence, before you enroll, use the OUSD School Locator:


Required OUSD Enrollment Forms and Documents
to complete and submit to your school office:

1. Enrollment Document (choose ONE that applies to your student):

  • Signed & dated AIR Online Enrollment pages for students that have never attended OUSD CLICK HERE
  • OUSD Pupil Enrollment Form-Eng/Span (Fillable PDF) for students that have attended OUSD CLICK HERE | CLIC AQUI

2. Transitional Kindergarten Enrollment Form (Fillable PDF) Complete in addition to the Enrollment Document above.
For English CLICK HERE.   Para Español CLIC AQUI

3. Home Language Survey (Fillable PDF)  For English CLICK HERE.   Para Español CLIC AQUI

4. Parent Portal Agreement in English & Spanish (Fillable PDF): One for each parent. CLICK HERE | CLIC AQUI

5. Age Verification (Certified Birth Record, Duly Attested Baptism Certificate, Passport, County Registrar or Recorder Statement, Affidavit by the Parent/Guardian or Other)

6. Immunization Record

7. Proof of Residence: Current Utility Bill in parent’s name (gas, electric, water) OR 
if renting from or living with a third party, complete the Residence Verification form with third party Utility Bill attached,
(Fillable PDFs) CLICK HERE for Residence Verification Form, if applicable.  CLIC AQUI por el formulario de Verificacion de Residencia, si es aplicable

8. Special Education IEP – most current record, if applicable

9. 504 Accommodation Plan, if applicable

10. Other Documents, if applicable, as directed by school enrollment staff:

  • Birth Affidavit (Fillable PDF) CLICK HERE
  • Caregiver Form (Fillable PDF) CLICK HERE
  • Request for Name other than Legal Name (Fillable PDF) CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTEOnce the student is enrolled with a student ID number, school staff will instruct the parent to complete an additional required step: Data Confirmation through the Parent Portal.

Please contact Student & Community Services, if you have any questions.