Human Resources

HR Staff

The Orange Unified School District Human Resources Division provides support for the District’s Educational Services and Business Services Divisions, with a focused view toward enhancing the instructional program of the District, particularly as detailed in the District Local Control and Accountability Plan, including the areas of Conditions of Learning, Pupil Outcomes, and Engagement.

The goals of the Human Resources Division are as follows:

Goal #1 – To recruit, select and retain the most highly qualified candidates for all open positions in the District in a manner which makes the greatest contribution to the instructional program.

Goal #2 - To promote employee/employer relations for a climate in which optimum staff performance and satisfaction are produced to maximize staff impact to the instructional program.

Goal #3 – To promote and support effective personnel practices which contribute to the effective application of staff capabilities for the benefit of the instructional program.

Goal #4 – To provide for a genuine team approach to education including the accomplishment of related assignments in order to support the instructional program.


Ernie Gonzalez Tracy Knibb
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources Executive Director, Human Resources

Organizational Chart

Leadership Personnel

TItle Name Phone Number Email
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources Ernie Gonzalez (714) 628-5515
Executive Director, Human Resources Tracy Knibb (714) 628-5515
Human Resources Supervisor Juanita Velasquez (714) 628-5537
Executive Secretary II Sheryl Ralston (714) 628-5515
Executive Secretary I Rose Mary Gallardo (714) 628-5519