Q:  What is a Facilities Master Plan (FMP)?
A:  Facilities Master Planning is, by nature a broad endeavor.   In this process, you will not be designing facilities.  While facilities deficiencies may be noted and discovered as a part of this process, a focus on long-range, strategic issues relating specifically to the District’s educational and operational goals is the primary focus for this master planning effort.  The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) we develop together will be a “living” document and also a strategic planning tool that will identify short-term and long-term facility goals within the District for the next ten years.


Q:  When will the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) be completed?
A:  The Facilities Master Plan process is scheduled to be completed in May of 2021.  Once the FMP is complete it will be School Board approved.    


Q:  What is the Facilities Master Plan Committee (FMPC)?
A:  The FMPC is comprised of a diverse group of District leadership, school site representatives, civic organizations staff and local community stakeholders.  Meetings are intended to develop broad visioning concepts and to review and provide input on the development of the site master plans and the proposed prioritization of projects.  Participants on the committee function as communication ambassadors to their representative stakeholder groups.  

Q: How do I join the Facilities Master Plan Committee (FMPC)?
A:  The Facilities Master Plan Committee is by invite only.  The FMPC is comprised of a diverse group of District leadership representatives, school site representatives, civic organizations staff and local community stakeholders who are active members in the OUSD community and are engaged in other initiatives such as:  the OUSD Strategic Plan, Measure S Citizens Oversight Committee, PTA, PTSA, and CARE Community Group.  


Q:  What is the Steering Committee (SC)?
A:  The Steering Committee guides and coordinates the overall master plan process and ensures that input from a range of stakeholders will be optimized.  Through regular meetings, this group is responsible for confirming data prior to presentation and reviewing outcomes from stakeholder committee meetings.


Q: What are School Site Committees (SSC)?
A:  School Site Committees are intended to interact with the planning team to develop and confirm the specific master plan proposals for each school site in the District.  Interaction with these stakeholders includes attendance at the community Town Halls by high school feeder attendance area; and a follow-up one-on-one meeting with the Architect to convey the feedback on the proposed site diagrams.  Please contact your site Principal to join the School Site Committee (SCC).

Q:  What are Town Hall Meetings?
A:  Town Hall Meetings are organized by high school feeder attendance area.  They will be conducted to encourage participation throughout the District from community members, parents, staff and students.  The focus of these meetings is to obtain input about needs at each of the school sites.  Mandatory attendance is required by each School Site Committee (SSC) at their respective high school feeder.  The meetings should be open to the public per District discretion for the community at large to learn about the FMP process and master plan goals.


Q:  What are One-On-One Principal Follow-Up Meetings?
A:  Between the Town Hall and Principal one-on-one follow-up meeting, each School Site Committee will be tasked with engaging their local community stakeholders as they best see fit to meet the needs of their site.  Participants may include, but are not limited to:  School Site Counsels, PTA’s, teachers, students, parents, and site administrators.  The Feedback received from the stakeholders will be conveyed in a one hour one-on-one meeting with LPA Inc. staff at the District Office.  


Q: Why is Community Outreach important to the Facilities Master Plan planning process?
A: The goal of Community Outreach is to facilitate transparency and develop awareness in the larger community regarding the District’s vision and needs.  Working with District’s Public Communications Office to distribute and share digital content created through implementation of the FMP planning process.  


Q:  What are Education Specifications?
A:  Education Specifications are a set of guidelines that help to establish district standards for building design.  Incorporating sizes, furniture styles, equipment, and adjacencies.  This document is a tool for creating equity and parity across all sites.


Q:  What is a Charrette Meeting? 
A:  A Charrette Meeting sometimes called a design charrette, is a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions; it may refer to any collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem.


Q: What are Program Focus Groups?
A:  The Program Focus Groups focus on the development of the educational vision of the District and its impact to facilities.  Interaction includes an elementary/secondary programs visioning Charrette with certificated and classified staff.  Along with one-on-one interviews with program focus areas such as technology, special education, childcare, nutrition services and other specialized departments.  Prior to the Charrette a strategy meeting is held with curriculum directors to establish an appropriate process and participants in the visioning process.