Facilities Master Plan 2020-2021


The Orange Unified School District has initiated a District-wide Facilities Master Plan process to identify long-term demographic trends, assess current facilities conditions and envision educational program opportunities in order to develop strategies that address these needs, and their impact to facilities, in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner.  The FMP will strive to align with and support the District’s Strategic Goals and Priorities.

As a District, we value our stakeholders and understand that an effective Facilities Master Plan must be built on a foundation of District, Student, Parent and Local Community input.  As an active member of this community and as a stakeholder in the District’s mission, we would like to invite you to participate in a series of meetings as a member of the District’s Facilities Master Plan Committee (FMPC). 

The FMPC will meet once a month during the development of the overall plan recommendations.  You will hear presentations about the status and progress of the Master Plan, with updates on critical issues that arise during its development.  You will also have opportunities at each meeting to provide input, and you will be able to provide a level of communication and understanding to the larger community which you represent.


-Gunn Marie Hansen, PH.D.